[Deal Alert] Amazon Great Indian Festival – Deals of Day 2

Amazon Great Indian Festival - Deals of Day 2

So the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale continues! Day 2 has begun with some more flashy deals. These includes a bunch of cool Android smartphones and a worthy accessory. The prices are unbelievable and the stock is limited, so don’t waste any time, just go ahead and buy yourself some cool products this festive season.

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Before we begin, a very Happy Navratri to all our Indian users, may god bless you and your family with unlimited happiness!

Amazon Great Indian Festival – Deals Of Day 2

1. Moto G Turbo [20% Off]

The first day of the sale brought some decent discount to the Moto G4 Plus. Today’s the turn for the Moto G Turbo, which was also the first entry-level Android smartphone to officially support Turbo Charging (Up to 6 hours of battery with a 15 minutes charge). That’s not just it, the G Turbo offers a tremendous hardware configuration and water/dust resistance, for an affordable price.

Moto G Turbo at Amazon Great Indian Festival

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If you’re looking for a reassured brand name and new technology with unmatched performance, Moto G Turbo is what we would recommend. You can avail the deal and save 20% (INR 2500) on the MRP. So the new price would be INR 9,999/-.


2. Huawei Honor 5X [7% Off]

Huawei may not be the best smartphone manufacturer out there, but it took the market by designing and building the Nexus 6P. Since then, the time has changed and the company is focusing very hard to deliver the best to its customers.

Honor 5X at Amazon Great Indian Festival

The Honor 5X was announced nearly the same time as of the 6P, and offers a pretty sleek and premium design. The specs include a 5.5-inches full-HD display, Snapdragon 616 processor, 13 MP primary camera with f/2.0 aperture, long-lasting 3000 mAh battery, and also supports DTS sound and a fingerprint sensor on the rear.

For such a nice hardware configuration, you can get the Grey variant of the device at a 7% discount [INR 916]. So the sale price would be INR 12,999/-, which is pretty much the save.


3. Coolpad Note 3 [20% Off]

Coolpad is an Android OEM that has gained quite a word in India during the last few months. Most of it is due to its reliable and fast Note series devices.

Coolpad Note 3 at Amazon Great Indian Festival

The Coolpad Note 3 appeared last year during October and has already attained more than 11,000 buyers at Amazon India. It is an entry-level smartphone that could compete with the most famous brands like Moto. It offers a 5.5-inches display with an octa-core Mediatek processor, 3 GB user available RAM, and a 13 MP rear camera. Being at such a low price, the device also offers the new fingerprint technology with the sensor placed on the back, making it easily accessible.

With the Amazon Great Indian Festival, you can avail the device at just INR 7,499 on a 21% discount [INR 2000]. Get it early, since the deal will only last for today.


4. LeEco Le Max2 [22% Off]

LeEco is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that has attracted a lot of users with its beautiful and powerful devices.

LeEco Le Max2 at Amazon Great Indian Festival

The Le Max2 was released a few months ago and is a mid-level smartphone with a huge 5.7-inches display, Snapdragon 820 Quad-core processor, 4 GB RAM, and a crystal 21 MP camera with optical-image-stabilization and dual-LED flash. The phone also supports standard USB Type-C and a fingerprint sensor.

With today’s deal, you can avail a 22% discount [INR 5000] on the MRP (INR 22,999). The sale price is INR 17,999/-.


5. JBL GO Portable Bluetooth Speaker [47% Off]

JBL is regarded as one of the world’s top brand for sound equipment, including home sound systems, earphones, and portable Bluetooth speakers. Last year, the manufacturer decided to pull off a device that could be extremely cost-effective and still provide the users the best sound experience.

JBL Go at Amazon Great Indian Festival

JBL Go is the smallest portable Bluetooth speaker in the series. It is so small that you can carry it out anywhere in the pocket. Despite its small form factor, the sound that it offers is way more than you may expect. The build is solid and quite durable, so don’t worry if you accidentally drop it from a coffee table. Sound could be played on the Go either by connecting through Bluetooth or a physical AUX-in cable.

At Amazon Great Indian Festival, you can get the speaker at just INR 1,599/-, with a 47% discount on the original price tag. That is quite unbelievable. So if you are looking for an indispensable accessory for your Android smartphone, this is where the search ends. Buy it right now before the deal ends.

So these were the deals for today. Make sure to avail them before the time or the stock runs out! If you feel there is a deal that we left out, you can drop a comment below and let us know.