Android N Features – What We Know So Far

Android N Features

Well, it couldn’t have been better, to taste the upcoming Android release right now! We already went through, on how to enroll in Android Beta Program, and to install Android N Developer Preview. And now that we have it on our supported device – Nexus 6P, we are going to do a little overview of all-new Android N features that have been made already.

Google has confirmed that Android N would surface around the end of this summer. The preview release is still in its very-early stage, where users will face issues and incompatibility. But then, that’s the point. Google oughts to do something unique this time, so it planned to deliver the preview on way too-early basis, where the code would be experimental. It definitely would help the developers, to better adapt their apps to this latest release, and also will allow Google to workout on the user feedback.

A design overhaul is something that is expected the most in every Android update. And with Android N, there are a few of them, that makes the interface more crisp and have focused to deliver a better experience.

While there are a few major changes, and some minor adjustments have been done too. Let’s start!


Android N Features

Multi-Window Support

Yes, this awesome feature has been awaited since a long time. It was something that was earlier introduced in Android Marshmallow, but was kept experimental, and didn’t offer much usage. With Android N, Google has finally delivered multi-window as an official feature.

Multi-window Support on Android N

In simple word, this allows you to run two apps simultaneously on the same screen. On portrait, the layout is rendered vertically. And on landscape, the app windows will open side-by-side. To do that, simply open the Recents (multitasking) menu. Long-press the app window (Primary app) that you want to put on the top of the multitasking screen, and drag it upwards. Next, simply tap on the second app that you’re willing to multitask with, and it will be arranged right on the bottom.

So you will now be running two different apps, simultaneously on the same screen. Adjust the dimensions of the apps, by sliding the separator. Even if you tap on the Home button, the primary app will move back to the top. You can launch it back instantly by tapping the Recents/Multitasking button.

Multi-window is best suitable and delivers a good experience on tablets, and phones with larger screens.