Google Assistant Tips and Tricks: 10 Cool Things to do with it

Google Assistant Tips and Tricks - 10 Things to do with it

The innovative and new AI-powered voice assistant by Google can do a lot more than just search for stuff. Recently after an official announcement, Google Assistant is ready to reach devices than just the Pixel. So you if you have already got it pinned on your device, either officially or unofficially, then just go and read further on how you can make the most out of it. Here are our Google Assistant tips and tricks enlisting 10 cool things you can do with it. All these tips are pretty basic but definitely more fun and makes your daily tasks dead-easy to perform.

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The more you use these simple commands, the more you will get to know the Google Assistant!

Google Assistant Tips and Tricks

1. Unlock Your Device

Putting up a PIN/Pattern, or even a fingerprint adds security to your Android. But the same could be annoying when you just want to quickly access your favourite app. How about if I tell you that you can simply bypass the lockscreen without even touching your device? No, it is not a hack. But simply adding your own voice as “trusted voice”, so whenever you say “Ok Google“, your device will unlock automatically.

Setup Trusted Voice in Google Assitant

Unlocking your device’s lockscreen with just your voice is cool, and it helps you get one step closer to complete automation. So now, if you’re driving late to a dinner with your wife, you can simply unlock your phone with your voice and command it to message your wife – “I’m going to be there very soon”, which may ultimately save your night (Haha, I’m jus kiddin).

Go to Google Assistant Settings > Voice > “Ok Google” detection and enable “Trusted Voice”. As easy it may make things for you, be aware that voice recognition is not pitch-perfect, and someone else with a similar voice may also be able to unlock your device.

2. Bored? Let Google Assistant entertain you

Waiting for your flight or may be you are just getting bored? Google Assistant can be your friend here. It can do some really cool things to help you pass your time. It can play a game with you, tell you a joke, or enlighten you with some random funny facts and quotes.

Just say “I’m bored” or “Entertain me” and the assistant will be at your service.

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    Here’s one more trick, you can use my app Volume Control for Assistant to set the volume of Google Assistant independently from your phone’s volume.

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