Finally! Welcome Google Play Music in India

Google Play Music in India

After waiting for a long-long time, the Android manufacturer has finally launched Google Play Music in India. Five years is what it took Play Music to come to our country, but the patience has finally yielded good results.

Google Play Music Store

It was suddenly this morning that we saw the additional “Shop” section pop-up in the Play Music app. This indeed came to us as a huge surprise, since there was no hint by Google, if or when they had planned the release of Google Play Music in India. Anyways, surprises are good and you can now seamlessly stream music directly to your Android devices or even cast it to television or gaming console.

You can purchase your favorite music from the Play Store. It will be downloaded and synced  across all your devices. You can also upload your own music collection from iTunes or directly from your PC. This could be done either using the Play Manager or the web interface.

Google Play Music India Screenshots

The price tags for purchasable songs is pretty nominal. It ranges from 7 INR to 15 INR for a single track. Also, the Albums start from 75 INR, going all the way up to 210 INR. The list of available songs stays pretty much the same, except your regional music appears first.

It is not an app update, but an app-level change that will occur automatically. To begin, go to Google Play Music > Settings and sign-in with your Google account.

Are you still using a third-party music player on your Android smartphone/tablet? It is time to move back to Google’s own player, that will help play offline content and also stream online music. To download, just click on the app box below.

Google Play Music
Google Play Music
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

If you have already received Google Play Music support in India, let us know through the comments below. Kindly share this article on your social media, so that your friends could also benefit themselves.

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