We always look forward to boost our experience on our Android smartphones/tablets, either by installing custom ROMs like Chroma, or even tweaking the framework using Xposed. But there is another factor that highly influences Android users, and it is the audio experience. Today, we are here to help you install ViPER4Android on Marshmallow running Android devices.

Most of you might be well aware of ViPER4Android – it is a leading audio enhancement tool available. Yes, there are a lot of others including Beats and Dolby, but nothing beats V4A if you have it configured right. Personally, I have been using this mod for over two years now, my phones have changed, their Android version also, but V4A did stick to the app drawer.

With the upbringing of the latest Android update, it was quiet tricky to get ViPER4Android on Marshmallow. But, the developer – zhuhang, did make the transition and has finally brought the mod to work with v2.4.0.1 (7 Feb, 2016). Before this update, the app could be unofficially installed on Marshmallow running devices. The latest update has some notable additions and necessary upgrades for the new-age Android devices.

Version Information

Here is a little detailed information about the update as stated on vipersaudio.com.

Version: FX version
Codename: Beautiful
Compiled date: February 7,2016 – Official Release
Operating environment: Android 2.3 / 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 6.0
CPU platforms: ARM (ARM11 or higher), x86(Atom/i3/i5/i7)
Language: English (US) / Simp. Chinese / Trad. Chinese / more

Now, without any more delay, let us head over on how you can set up ViPER4Android on Marshmallow running device, like in our case it is the Nexus 6P.


Installing incorrect/incompatible mods on your Android device may leave it non-functional or even soft-brick it. DroidOrigin will not be responsible if anything such happens. If you find yourself locked in such a situation; we are here to help you.

Before You Begin

  • To install V4A, you must have a rooted phone. If you haven’t rooted yet, you can check for your device in our Rooting section.
  • Make sure no other audio mods are installed, like AudioFX. If there is, you will need to  remove it completely. If you have problems doing so, contact us via comments.
  • Also, you must have BusyBox installed on your ROM. You can download it by clicking the app box below. (You can try other busybox installer apps, but if you face issues while installing V4A drivers, you must install this one.)
    Developer: meefik
    Price: Free
  • In case the driver installation fails – It seems like some manufacturer specific devices require SELinux status to be set as Permissive. You can use SELinuxModeChanger app to do the required. Thanks to our reader — Avip, for notifying this.

Steps to Install ViPER4Android on Marshmallow:

  1. Go to the V4A website and download ViPER4Android FX: Link | Direct link
  2. Move the downloaded ViPER4Android_FX_v2401_A4.x-A6.x.apk to the phone’s storage.
  3. Make sure, you have enabled Unknown sources in Settings > Security.
  4. Now, using a file manager (e.g ES File Explorer), install the apk manually, as you normally would do.
  5. Once it has been installed, go to app drawer and run ViPER4Android FX.
  6. When you will run the app for the first time, it will prompt you to install V4A drivers on your device, so tap on Yes. As soon as you tap, you will have to grant root permissions, so choose GRANT.
    ViPER4Android FX - First Run
  7. V4A app will automatically detect the system and install appropriate drivers for the mod to work properly, and upon completion, the following message will be displayed: ‘Driver installed, please reboot your device’. And now as advised, reboot your phone/tablet (I hope you know how to do that!).
  8. When the device has rebooted, again launch ViPER4Android FX app.
  9. Tap on the 3-dot menu button on the top-right of the app, and select Driver Status. It should display Status: Normal.
    If the driver installation fails, read the last point of the ‘Prerequisites’.
  10. Start using ViPER4Android now! Tweak the settings to best match your phone and output device. Are you using specific profiles for your phone? Post them below and share it with other users. We will definitely add the list to this article. Visit the Xposed XDA thread for more information.

ViPER4Android Screenshots

Having problems with installation and setup of V4A, comment right away!

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Dhananjay (DJ) is an Android devotee and a Tech Blogger by profession. He is a keen undergraduate, seeking and working hard on his ambitions to achieve something distinctive in his life. He prefers interacting with his readers in the most reproaching manner possible and his desires here are not just to reach out the tech figures, but also attract those those non-interested minds to our Android universe. He proudly owns Nexus 6P, Nexus 5, OnePlus One and a Nexus 4.
  • Jon Janovec

    My driver status is abnormal, what does that mean? Sprint Galaxy S6.

    • Hello Jon,

      It seems like a problem with improper driver installation.
      First, make sure that your device is rooted and has the above listed busybox app installed. Then, uninstall the ViPER4Android app.

      Reboot your device, reinstall the app, and try installing drivers again.

      • Jon Janovec

        BusyBox Pro (Stericson) doesn’t work?

        • It does work for some devices, while not for some others. Like it works well on my Nexus 5, but not my 6P and OnePlus One.

          • Narendra

            Hi Dhananjay,

            I`m using oneplus one which is currently in cm13.1(marshmallow) and my mobile is not rooted. I`m not that tech person however I`m too specific about audio. Just wanted to check if there any way we can install v4a without rooting my mobile. If your answer is no , can you guide me with step by stpe how to root my phone and install v4a. Thanks in advance.


          • Hello Narendra. Unfortunately there is no certain way to significantly optimize your OPO’s audio without rooting, unless you are satisfied by 3rd party music apps and equailizer settings.

            As for V4A, it is required that you root your device since this is a system level modification. Before we move to rooting, do you have a custom recovery installed on your device? Like TWRP.

          • Narendra

            Nope I don`t think TWRP is installed on my device. Do I have to install it first, if so can you navigate me to any page which explains how to installl TWRP on oneplus one.
            Does installing recovery will format my device ?

          • No Installing recovery wouldn’t format your device. But in order to have TWRP, you must have your bootloader unlocked first, which in turn will allow us to flash the recovery. So do you have an unlocked bootloader?

          • Narendra

            Nope my device bootloader is not unlocked. How to unlock the boot loader ? So ideally to install v4a the prerequisites will be as below right ?

            Unlock the boot loader
            Install TWRP
            install super Su to gain the root access
            install v4a

            Let me know if I missed anything.


          • That’s perfect. You didn’t miss anything.
            As to unlock bootlooader, reboot your phone into fastboot mode and enter the following command: “fastboot flashing unlock” or “fastboot oem unlock”.

          • Narendra

            Do I have to connect to my laptop or in fastboot mode will it allow me to use my keypad in my device ? lil confused.

          • fastboot mode is a mode on your OPO itself, which will allow your computer to send commands to the device by typing them in a command prompt window (CMD) on your Windows or Terminal on your Linux/Mac. One of these commands is the bootloader unlock command that I told you above.

            This is what your fastboot mode will look like: http://www.droidorigin.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/OnePlus-One-Fastboot-Mode.jpg

            To boot into fastboot mode, do the following – Long-press the power button until you see the power menu, and select Power off. When the phone has shut down completely, press and hold the volume up and power keys until you see the OnePlus logo.

    • Avip

      Use these link :
      it works on marshmallow too, seems its same problem with lollipop.
      I’m using Lenovo A7000 with marshmallow btw

      • It seems like some devices require SELinux set to permissive. I will update the post immediately. Thank you for notifying.

      • td99

        Thank you! I flashed the ZIP file from the link you posted using TWRP on my Sprint Galaxy Note 4 running stock rooted Android 6.0.1 (N910PVPS4DPD1) and now the Driver Status finally shows NORMAL instead of Abnormal!

        • Hello td99, just for our own clarification; did you try the SELinuxModeChanger app before flashing this file?

          • td99

            Yes, and it didn’t help. I had to flash the file, remove the V4A driver, reboot, and reinstall the V4A driver. Now I am seeing “Normal” and when music is playing “Processing: Yes”, and of course how the music sounds now is like night and day.

            Side note: I had restored my custom settings by using Titanium Backup and selecting “Data Only” but in doing so, it restored the old V4A driver as well. So I had to once again, remove the V4A driver, reboot, and reinstall the V4A driver to ensure that it’s the latest one.

          • Thank you. I will dig down more information about V4A on Samsung, and add the appropriate information to the article. Thank you again td99.

  • Azri Shahmi

    Installed busybox,
    installed selinux, set to permissive

    driver installed , but after reboot , keep asking me to install driver. i have flashed the zip file in http://androiding.how/how-to-fix-viper4android-selinux-policy-issues-on-lollipop/ , but still does not work, help me please.

    use xperia z2 root

    • Hello Azri, first of all, apologies for the extremely late reply.
      Okay, so here, I want to know two things specifically.

      1) Which ROM are you using, and did it came with any audio mods in-built? Or have you previously installed any sound/audio mods or apps?
      2) Which busybox have you installed?

  • xsoldiercloud

    Hello OP!

    Nexus 5x running stock 6.01
    Installed busybox (ver.<< Was installed automatically by nexus toolkit
    installed selinux, set to permissive
    Followed instructions here: http://androiding.how/how-to-fix-viper4android-selinux-policy-issues-on-lollipop/ as I read this was a fix for marshmallow as well
    Driver is installed and it keeps telling me to install the driver after the reboot.
    I don't think I have any other sound modification apps. Unless you count PowerAmp music player.I also installed ElementalX custom kernel. This does actually have some sound gain setting, but that's it. Would this conflict with Viper?

    • Hello 🙂

      I don’t think that kernel sound settings would affect the installation, since I have them too. As for PowerAMP, why not just uninstall and try again? Wouldn’t harm at all.

      The major queries and solutions that I came around were basically due to the wrong busybox installation. Please try and uninstall your current busybox. After that, reboot and install this version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.meefik.busybox

      This specific version of BusyBox has also helped me succeed in V4A installation on my 6P.

      • xsoldiercloud

        Thanks for the reply. You are correct busybox was the culprit here. I’ve also read that if you don’t install viper4android as a private app it won’t function right. I have since been able to install it with the driver, however now the issue is that when I enable it with headphones nothing happens. I’ve tried re-installing the driver a few times and rebooting but it doesn’t seem to help.

      • xsoldiercloud

        I just figured it out. Turns out you have disable “direct volume control” in the advanced tweaks of PowerAmp to get it to work. I figured it out because I started playing music with Spotifiy and noticed that the sound tweaks through viper4android were working there.

  • albie

    the driver status is showing abnormal status… my phone is rooted and busybox is installed.. installed selinux but couldnt change it to permissive… my phone is xiaomi mi3 running on miui 7.5 based on marshmallow.. should i flash the zip file mentioned in the comments to make it working …plz help…thanks in advance..

    • Does your Mi3 have any other Music equalizer app?
      V4A on MIUI is a bit tricky. Which version of busybox have you installed?

      • albie

        Nope.. no other equaliser apps… i have been using this viper in my mi3 for nearly two years.. it wasn’t this much difficult to get it installed on my previous miui versions.. i think since this 7.5 version of miui is based on marshmallow is the reason for making it difficult… busybox is (stericson) ..installed from google play.. i really miss viper though..

        • The only thing that hindered my V4A installation on 6P and OnePlus One was the busybox.
          Remove the current busybox installation and the app too. Reboot and install the following version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.meefik.busybox&hl=de

          See if it works.

        • Nomatrix

          Flash the zip file, mentioned by the guy: [Recovery Flashable zip] Viper4Android SELinux fix. If you don’t have TWRP, then Flashfire is an option once it’s to flash a zip and not firmware. Flashfire is an app by Chainfire, it’s in playstore.

  • Tushi Tush

    I have everything working except for convolver, it doesn’t pickup any .irs files. It keeps saying “…..sdcard/viper4android/kernel empty” although i have unzipped .irs files in the folder. How can I get it to work?

    • Kindly extract the IR samples to the following location on your device: /storage/sdcard0/ViPER4Android/Kernel

      Please note that the folder names are case sensitive. So, if you rename the “ViPER4Android” as “Viper4Android”, it wouldn’t work.

  • jdog kingz

    does this work on 6.0.1

  • Vishal Hawale

    Thank you..this helped a lot..

  • Curter

    used this back in kitkat, now trying to install this on marshmallow but does not install the driver…

    • Hello Curter, could you please specify the device you are using? Also, which version of busybox did you install and did you change the SELinux status to Permissive?

      • Curter

        it’s nexus 5, rooted of course, busybox free 1.25.1, marshmallow 6.0.1 (MOB30H), 3.1.4 elemental-X 6.16 kernel, and no didn’t check the SELinux thing…

        • Do try changing the SELinux status using the app listed in the article.

          As for the busybox, it has been tricky all along. For my 6P, meefik’s busybox worked well, but it didn’t on my N5 and OPO. So just uninstall and try switching to Stericson’s busybox.

          Do share a screenshot of the error.