Increase 2GB Google Drive Space on Your Account Now!

Increase 2GB Google Drive Space

You can now easily increase 2GB Google drive space by following these simple steps. Google, apart from its completely free and open-source Android operating system, also believes in offering other services to its users. Observing the Safer Internet Day on 9 Feb, 2016, Google has decided to benefit its users with an increment of free 2 GB of extra data to the current drive space.

Increase 2GB Google Drive Space

Google has always made sure that your account’s security is their top priority, and this step has been taken regarding the same – to keep you safe from online hacks and malware that could affect your account and hole-down your personal information. This could be easily done, and all you will need to do is complete the Account Security Check-up for your Google account. Beginning with the simple process, you will need to login your Google account, and go to your My Account page. Now, finally go to Security Check-up.


Here are some things that you will need to review during this check-up.

  • Review contact information – Add/change recovery phone number and email address
  • Connected devices – Review the complete list of devices associated with your Google account
  • Account permissions – Manage account permissions for apps and software.

The same procedure followed up last year during the same time. This year, Google is being generous again to let its users enjoy some more free space by only completing the security check-up. The either way, it is the user, and the user only who has the advantage. First, his/her account is much secured assuring that every security step is in-roll, and also, they earn free Google account drive space and use it as they want.


The offer won’t be up for ever, it is limited to 17 Feb, 2016. So complete the security check-up now and before the designated date. This will merely take a few minutes, and ultimately increase 2GB Google Drive space before its too late. The extra 2GB space may or may not reflect instantly on your account. Google advised its users to be patient until you receive a mail regarding the same.

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