Kinetic Scroll App Lets You Scroll More Smoothly

Kinetic Scroll App

Scrolling is an imperative part of the Android user-interface, you scroll in the app drawer, the Settings, and even within the apps. With Kinetic Scroll App (Developer: Ouadban Youssef), you will now be able to scroll more effectively and smoothly, following the simple rules of kinetic motion in Physics. Don’t worry, there is no science lessons going in here literally. It is just the app that offers a complete new experience when you scroll.

You must have seen scrolling animations previously, when using custom ROMs or third-party launchers, but Kinetic scrolling is a more innovative idea to give a bump to your scrolling experience on Android. It is a beautiful concept that offers automatic scrolling with a simple two-finger swipe, while the regular scrolling works simultaneously.

We all, at least most of us, have a long list of apps installed on our Android devices. But when it comes to launching the app, you don’t just put a short-cut for all of them on the homescreen, and have to proceed to the app drawer to scroll up-to the app, and launch it. This process however, could be a bit of struggle when you have a large list, and have to keep on scrolling manually, to find the desired app. Kinetic Scroll app makes it easier for you to scroll the app drawer or even in-app lists, by triggering an automatic scroll using two-fingers, and it would just go on scrolling as smoothly and slowly as you desire, until you give it a stop. This way, you don’t have to use your finger to keep scrolling all the way.


Kinetic Scroll is not just limited to the automation of the process, but also lets you change different attributes that affect scrolling. The app requires a rooted Android device and comes in FREE and PRO variants. Of course, the PRO version has its own benefits and opens up more settings.

All its features are listed below:

  1. You can jump to the top or bottom of the in-app list or app drawer, by simply making a three-finger swipe.
  2. There are two different modes of scrolling – Constant and Dynamic (PRO feature).
  3. Dynamic mode scrolls depending upon the swipe speed of your fingers, while the constant mode scrolls at a constant speed.
  4. You can choose if the system-wide scrolling is Vertical or Horizontal. So you can use this app on your phone as well as on the tablet.
  5. Page scrolling is available too, that lets you scroll to the quarter, half, or full-size of the page.
  6. You can also set per-app scrolling. Note that per-app settings require accessibility permissions.

Download Kinetic Scroll App

The app is available on the Google Play Store, in all regions.

Kinetic Scroll
Kinetic Scroll
Developer: Ouadban Youssef
Price: Free+

If you want to be a Beta tester for experimental updates, you will need to join the Google+ community, and then opt for Beta testing program.

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