Google Play Store Account Screen

The Google Play Store Account screen has just seen a new face over the horizon.

Later today, the Play Store on my 6P took a different approach on the Account screen (Where all my account related information appears). Of course, it was a server-side change, since I didn’t see a version change. Well, you might have already seen the new colours in the Play Store logo (I don’t like them very much), but that is not what we are focusing on, here today. So what was it? A new change over at the Account screen, on the Play Store.

Google Play Store Account Screen

The fresh new design brings in a more interactive and graphical approach, with new icons and better listing. All the options related to account settings and information have been reorganized into four different labels, namely – Payment methods, Subscriptions, Rewards, and Order history. The listing gives a better feel now, with the cards layout now thrown out. The list is more simple and colourful with the new icons. The change is definitely worth, since it dismisses the old and messy style, and moves onto a much simpler and tidy design.


This server-side change is slowly rolling out to everyone, worldwide. If you have still not seen it on your device, don’t go bang, just wait for it to happen. I myself have the new design layout rolled-over on my 6P, while my OnePlus One still sits back on the same, old-fashioned design. If you’re somewhat in a similar situation, it’s the right time to show some patience.

Please note that this roll-out will be visible on your Android device, irrespective of the Google Play Store version you have installed. If you would still like to keep yourself updated with the latest version of Play Store, download it from – APKMirror.

While this is no biggie, but still a minor improvisation to handle your account more efficiently on the Play Store. Did you like the revamped design of the Play Store, on your Android device? Let us know about it, through the comments.

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