Nexus 5 Android Nougat – How to Install

Nexus 5 Android Nougat Featured Image

For now, the latest update from Google is only limited to the supported Nexus devices. Unfortunately, this year the Nexus 5 was disregarded from the official Nougat support list. But bruhh! Who cares when we have a huge bunch of genius developers at XDA. The Nexus 5 Android Nougat ROM is now available and we will guide on how to install it, unofficially.

Nexus 5 Android Nougat ROM

Our appreciations to XDA Developer ‘Santosh M‘, who has worked extremely hard to get Android Nougat on Nexus 5. While the build is still in its initial stage, it has been regarded as a “decent daily driver“. So you wouldn’t have to worry about your hardware not working. Since the source code release, the developer has already released three builds, fixing several bugs and making refinements to the performance aspect.

Multi-window on Nexus 5

We have been using this ROM on our beloved Nexus 5 for over a day, and it already feels afresh and undoubtedly better than Marshmallow. The first boot took somewhat about a minute or two, which was pretty fast and setup went smooth too. The first thing that you would notice is the beautiful new Nougat wallpaper. In-app transitions were swift with nearly no delay time. No question, you get almost all the Nougat features with this ROM (Refer to the link below for complete list).

Android N Features – What We Know So Far

The ROM is pure AOSP, so there aren’t much custom features added yet, despite a few minor ones. The developer is focusing his effort on making the ROM more stable and performance rendering. For more information, visit the original XDA thread.



  • Must have bootloader unlocked and TWRP (v3.0.1 or above) installed.
  • Charge your N5 to at least 60% battery level to avoid any shut downs in mid-process.
  • Backup your data completely. This includes photos, music, videos, messages, and everything else that you feel necessary. While the ROM installation wouldn’t erase any data on the internal storage, it is always a good practice to carry out a backup before such processes.
  • Take a Nandroid backup of your current ROM through TWRP. So if anything goes wrong, you can roll back to the previous setup.

Install ROM

  1. Download the latest ROM zip and GApps zip (Choose from Pico, Nano, or Micro versions).
  2. Once everything has been downloaded, connect your Nexus 5 to the PC in MTP mode.
  3. Now, transfer both the downloaded files to a suitable location on your device’s internal storage.
  4. Disconnect the device and power it off.
  5. Boot into TWRP recovery – Press volume down and power buttons altogether until you see the bootloader screen. Tap the volume key (+ or -) until you see “Recovery mode” as a selection. Finally tap on the power button to select and boot into TWRP recovery.
    Bootloader mode on Nexus 5
  6. On the TWRP main screen, tap on the “Install” button. Browse the internal storage and select the ROM zip file. Then, tap on “Add more Zips” and select the GApps zip file.
  7. To start the flashing process, swipe the “Swipe to confirm Flash” button on the bottom of the screen. It may take a few minutes.
  8. When it is complete, press the “Reboot system” button.

If TWRP shows “No OS Installed” warning, kindly ignore it. Want to root? Just flash latest SuperSU zip through TWRP.

Nexus 5 Android Nougat Screenshots

There are a few issues reported by users, but they shouldn’t hinder you to use this ROM on daily basis.

  • Some users report crashes, blank-screening in-call and permissions issues with Google Play Phone app despite setting permissions.
  • Carriers such as Sprint have no signal.

During our full-time usage, with moderate calling, frequent text and WhatsApp messaging, browsing, and playing music, the ROM performed unexceptionally fast and responsive. Also, the battery life is solid with the new Nougat memory management. We find this ROM to be much better, comparative to the other ports with custom features. You must try it!

If you like the developer’s work and want to support him, you can make him a donation.

So this was the Nexus 5 Android Nougat ROM. If you have already installed the ROM or have questions regarding it, just drop a comment below.