Quick Launcher – One Tap to Launch Apps on Sony Devices

Quick Launcher Small App for Sony

New innovations come up daily when it comes to Android and there is a new app that has recently showed up on the Play Store, specifically for the Sony-built devices. Its known as Quick Launcher, which is a Small App (Sony device owners will know this). It has been developed and brought by XDA Recognized Contributor – Abo Hani.

What does it do? It lets users to quickly access their favourite websites and apps, with just one tap. The app supports the material design to match the latest Android Marshamallow on your device. It’s extremely simple to use and has no ads, and no PRO version to burden your wallet. You can change the position of the launcher, and add up to 5 grid cells, and finally use them to instantly access your favorite apps and websites.


Why only Sony? Quick Launcher is basically an app based off the Small App Framework, which exclusively operates only on Sony based devices. The developer can’t guarantee the app to work on all Sony Android-based devices, until and unless the device uses the Small App Framework (Read more about Small App API).

The developer has also planned to add the following features in the following releases:

  • “Folders” – For arranging app and website launchers
  • Custom App support – Add your own custom app package
  • Add Custom Image Selection to “Add URL”
  • Two Different Display Modes
  • Quick Access Option
  • “App Manager” – Option in the small app for direct access

The developer also has an idea to launch video, music, photos, etc through Quick Launcher. If you want it, join the poll here.

Download Quick Launcher (Small App)

Download the app instantly for your Sony device, by clicking the app-box below or grab the APK from here. Preferably, use the app-box to get the latest version, there might be some delay for us to update the apk.

Quick Launcher Small App
Quick Launcher Small App
Developer: Rocket Labs
Price: Free

Don’t wait, try it out right now! And let us know your experience via comments.


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