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Microsoft Next Lock Screen

We customize our Android daily, using wallpapers and themes, but their is another aspect that is left alone to rot. Its your phone’s lock screen. You can now improve your lock screen experience using Microsoft‘s Next Lock Screen App for Android.

Most people don’t even think about it, but for me, its pretty significant. The native Android lock screen is nearly blank, and is only limited to notifications, a simple clock widget, and two simple short-cuts for phone’s dialer and camera. I don’t just want notifications on my lock screen, I prefer it to be more useful, so that I don’t have to unlock it every time to perform simple actions like opening an app or even viewing the weather.


Microsoft’s Next Lock Screen

The app is cool innovation that will replace your lock screen for good. It is fully equipped with features that will definitely come in handy, for everyone. And to start, let us take the basic Next set-up.


The default AOSP way to unlock the screen, is to swipe up, but the app offers a different approach, to swipe down pretty neatly using the fade-off effect. Your frequently-used apps are placed right at the bottom, which could be expanded to view up-to 10 apps. Apart from the apps, quick toggles are placed at the bottom too, to help you toggle WiFi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Rotation, and Power saving mode. The clock widget is not limited to display time, it also offers to display the current weather conditions and location.

Next Lock Screen uses accessibility and Notification access services to serve you better with notifications and apps. The notification could be swiped to the right, to open the corresponding app, or simply dismissed by swiping to the left. The app lets you set a screen lock using a pattern or PIN. You also have options to use the compact status bar, or even hide it, to attain a minimal experience.


The latest update for the app, as of now, was released during the last 24 hours, and supports the following additional features now.

  1. Fingerprint Unlock could be used on devices that have a fingerprint sensor. It lets you by-pass the security using your saved print.
  2. Smart Contacts automatically detects your frequently texted or called contacts.
  3. Smart Lock lets you set rules for, whether a passcode is needed when you’re at Home or Work.
  4. Location-based wallpapers, so that you can set different wallpapers for Auto/Home/Work.

Next Lock Screen has proved to be decent replacement to the native lock screen, and works better for me. Install the app right now, by clicking on the app-box below.

Next Lock Screen
Next Lock Screen
Price: Free

Have you installed it yet? It feels different, doesn’t it? Tell us about your experience using the comments.


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