How to remove bloatware on Android devices

Bloatware here, bloatware there, and it's everywhere!

Remove Bloatware on Android

Not everyone who uses an Android is satisfied with the apps that come pre-installed, some of them could be horrendous, taking in a big cut from the storage as well as the memory. Some of us love it clean, and would definitely like to strike off the useless apps from our sight and of course from our device’s app drawer too. So here we are, to help you remove bloatware from your Android devices. These instructions are a mix, for both rooted and non-rooted users. But then of course, a rooted Android user will have a better chance of getting rid of the bloatware, in a much effective manner.

Manufacturers like Samsung, Sony, and HTC , etc tend to take a huge toll on the apps that come pre-installed in their respective devices. Of course, you might already be using them, but not all of them, and this creates the need to remove them from your Android. This will not only save you the extra space, but also release the share of RAM that these apps may be using.

Now over to the steps, that you would have to follow to get rid of the useless junk including apps, games, and widgets from your Android.

Remove Bloatware From Android

Disable/Hide System Apps

By default, no manufacturers allow its users to simply uninstall the system apps, but the latest Android versions have given its users the advantage, to disable system apps, so that they would no more run in background, or even appear in the app drawer. However, this will not relief your device off any storage space. The disabled app will still use the same amount of storage, but will be completely invisible, as if the app never existed.

Please note that this method works only on certain apps, while the option may not be visible at all or blacked out, for others. If there is an app that you can’t disable, you would want to move directly to the next option.

Now, taking my situation as an example. I have an app, namely ‘Calculator’ that came pre-installed in the stock AOSP ROM. But I find it useless with the minimal amount of features that it offers. I rather prefer to use a third-party calculator app that meets my requirements. So, I want it to go off from the app drawer, by disabling it. To do just that, you need to go to Settings > Apps/Applications/Application Manager (The menu may vary from OEM-To-OEM, so proceed accordingly). You should now see the complete list of apps, installed on your device, under the ‘All apps’ tab.

Remove Bloatware on Android - Disable System Apps

Tap on your desired system app (Example: Calculator) to open the app-specific settings. Now right below the app name, where you would normally see the ‘Uninstall’ button, you should see ‘Disable’. All you got to do is tap on it, and confirm.

While these are the steps to disable an app, but you can also hide the desired apps by using a third-party launcher apps that support the feature. These include Nova Launcher, Arrow Launcher, and C Launcher.


Uninstall system apps

The next and the most effective way that could benefit you, especially the root users, is to use an app that could remove your system apps directly, by using root permissions. If you want to root, you can search for your device-specific tutorial from our Rooting archive.

» Titanium Backup

This app is well-known among the Android power-users, since it is one of a kind and provides some potential app backup and restore features that come in real handy. Titanium requires root-permissions to operate, and can help you uninstall system apps easily, without much hassle.

To start, download and install the app from the Play Store.

Titanium Backup ★ root
Titanium Backup ★ root
Developer: Titanium Track
Price: Free

Remove Bloatware Android - Titanium Backup

Run the app and grant root permissions. Once you accept, the app main screen will appear. Tap on the ‘Backup/Restore’ tab, where the complete list of apps on your device will appear. Scroll down the list and tap on the app that you want to uninstall. A menu should pop-up, where you will need to select ‘UN-INSTALL!’. Finally, accept any prompts that may appear. (Note: Uninstalling apps is irreversible, so be careful).

» System app remover

System app remover is a multi-functional app that focuses mainly on bloatware removal. Alike Titanium Backup, this app also operates on root-permissions to uninstall system apps.

The app is extremely useful, plus offers other features like moving apps to SD card, apps backup and restore, installing/scanning/deleting APKs, app details, etc. System app remover also notifies you if an app uninstall could be unstable, so that you’re warned before-hand. You can also uninstall multiple apps at once.

Download and install System app remover from the Play Store.

System app remover (ROOT)
System app remover (ROOT)
Developer: Jumobile
Price: Free

Remove Bloatware Android - System app remover

You will need to grant root-permissions to the app, during the first run. Now, to uninstall apps, select the desired apps and tap the ‘Uninstall’ button on the bottom of the screen. When prompted, tap on ‘Yes’. This will remove your select system app(s).

If you know of other easy alternatives that could help, please let us know through the comments. And if we discover more solutions or reliable apps, we will update the article.

What kind of bloat do you hate on your Android, Is it the widgets or the large apps?