Card Case App lets you share contact cards with nearby devices

Card Case App

Card Case app lets you share your own details as digital business card, without NFC or WiFi.

Earlier last week, we came around a unique app – Radon, that operates over the implementation of the rarely-used Nearby API, to share links with devices present nearby. And today, here we are with Card Case app that makes use of the same API, but this time, to transfer your complete contact details in the form of digital business card.

Card Case: Share Cards Nearby

Sharing physically business cards with your colleagues or mates could be a hassle, adding the time and space it requires to store them. But now, with the Card Case app, you will not need to worry, and you can share your digital business card/contact details, without any printing costs (Of course, this won’t replace your actual business cards completely, but proves to be a great alternative for it).

Card Case App - Overview Screenshots

The app offers a simple material design. When you run the app for the first time, you will be asked to create your personal card, where you shall enter your personal details like name, email, phone number, a display picture, and a few extra lines about your business or you. Once everything is done, you will be taken to the cards screen, where you will see all your received cards. To start sharing your details, you just have to tap on the circular pop icon on the bottom-right of the app window. You shall be asked to grant the required permissions to the app. And then, your phone will start to search for nearby devices, to exchange contact details.

Card Case App - Overview Screenshots 2

It saves the complete trouble to pair, connect, tap, or verify PINs. Just run the app on both the devices (Sender and receiver) and start sharing contact details instantly. Please note, that both the devices should have the app installed and running in order for sharing to work.

Download Card Case App

Card Case is available for FREE on the Google Play Store. Click on the app box below, or scan the QR code. The app has been developed and designed by Bloco. If you like this app, please show some appreciation by submitting your review at the Play Store.

Card Case: Share cards nearby
Card Case: Share cards nearby
Developer: Bloco
Price: Free

We love Card Case App for its unique capabilities, do you?