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Get Android Nougat Features

Get Android Nougat features on your phone right now!

Google has released its latest update, but unfortunately it only supports a list of devices, including Nexus smartphones and tablets, and Pixel C. But why should the Nexus lineup have all the fun? You can taste some of the...
N Developer Preview 2

Android N Developer Preview 2 Features – What’s New?

It was over a month back, when Google dropped the N Preview goodness on the web, which definitely surprised me. The first Developer Preview for the upcoming Android version brought in some significant changes and new features...
Android N-ify Xposed Module

Android N-ify Xposed Module Brings Android N Features To Older Android Versions

We are all intrigued by the features that Android N has to offer, in its developer preview, including the revamped notifications, bigger recent windows, navigation drawer in Settings, and much more. But for now, the developer preview...
Android N Features

Android N Features – What We Know So Far

Well, it couldn't have been better, to taste the upcoming Android release right now! We already went through, on how to enroll in Android Beta Program, and to install Android N Developer Preview. And now that we...
Parental Control on Android

Guide to Parental Control on Android

These days, kids get hold off a smartphone earlier than their milk bottles. And its the responsibility of a parent to look after what his or her kid is using the device for. Today, we will help...

Gmailify your Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook Accounts now!

Google recently pushed an update to its Gmail for Android app, which bought the latest Gmailify features for non-Gmail accounts. This will change the way other accounts operate, and they will finally act the same way as...

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Magisk Root & Universal Systemless Interface – What is it &...

Magisk is a complete universal root and mod solution for your Android. It is developed and maintained by XDA Dev - topjohnwu. At some...

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