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Alternatives to FaceTime

5 Great Alternatives to FaceTime on Android

We all are fascinated by the way FaceTime - The videotelephony app by Apple, that works on iPhones. Today, we are going to offer a list of 5 great alternatives to FaceTime on Android. Its not like Android...
Whatsapp or Google Hangouts

WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, Which fits in better?

As you got an idea that we are here to discuss the most familiar and in use topicĀ Messaging, let us do some of the talking here first, before turning towards the topicĀ of deliberation! So, from where should we...

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Enable NavBar Tuner on your device running Nougat

You can enable Navbar tuner on Android Nougat, without having the need to install any custom ROM. Google certainly has its ways when it comes...