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Google Inbox Update v1.18

Google Inbox Update v1.18 Is All About Snoozing

Google is crazy when it comes to experiments and updates. It keeps on testing new features that could make their Apps work better for their users. This in turn, helps us get the most out of Google Apps. The...
Increase 2GB Google Drive Space

Increase 2GB Google Drive Space on Your Account Now!

You can now easily increase 2GB Google drive space by following these simple steps. Google, apart from its completely free and open-source Android operating system, also believes in offering other services to its users. Observing the Safer Internet...

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Encrypt Android Devices

How to encrypt Android Smartphones and Tablets

Data encryption is gaining a lot of popularity among the users, and is also being largely focused-on, by the Android phone/tablet manufacturers. It is essential, and...
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