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Root HTC One A9

How to Install TWRP and Root HTC One A9

If you're willing to go custom on your One A9, you will first need a head start with TWRP. Now that TeamWin is officially supporting the device, we will help you install TWRP and root HTC One...
Download HTC Sense Apps

Download HTC Sense Apps for your Non-HTC Android Devices

You can now download HTC Sense Apps, and install them on your Android devices with ease! We always desire something that we don't have, generally. The same happens when we buy an Android device. Maybe, you bought a Moto...

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Whatsapp or Google Hangouts

WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, Which fits in better?

As you got an idea that we are here to discuss the most familiar and in use topic Messaging, let us do some of the...

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