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Update OnePlus One to Marshmallow using COS 13

Update OnePlus One to Marshmallow using CyanogenOS 13

The wait for the so-longed Marshmallow update is over, for the OnePlus One users. At times, even I doubted if the OPO will ever be updated to Android Marshmallow, either by CyanogenOS or OxygenOS. But then today...

Restore OnePlus One to Stock Firmware

Do not want to use a custom ROM, or want to take your phone to the service centre for repair services? We will help you restore OnePlus One to stock firmware. The OnePlus One comes with Cyanogen OS...
OnePlus One Review

OnePlus One Review – Is it still worth buying?

What do you think, two years later since its release, is the OnePlus One still worth buying? Its almost two years since the phone first showed up in the market, and I have just bought one for myself....

Manually Install OxygenOS 2.1.4 on OnePlus One

If you have been using the OnePlus One for a while, you must have known about OxygenOS - the community-sourced after-market firmware for the OnePlus devices. The OnePlus One comes with CyanogenMod as its default OS, which embeds...

Manually Install Cyanogen OS 12.1 OTA on OnePlus One

OnePlus One has rocked the smartphone market ever since it was released in 2014. The phone by-default runs on Cyanogen OS - the most entrusted aftermarket firmware. We are well aware of all its features, and most of all,...

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How to get Android Marshmallow features on your phone

It has already been two months since Android Marshmallow 6.0 was released to the public. But we all realise the fact that it would...

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