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Install Android Nougat on Nexus devices

Install Android Nougat 7.0 on your Nexus device right now!

The latest update from Google has already started hitting the supported devices through OTA updates. While some users prefer the simplicity of over-the-air installations, there are others who want a fresh install by flashing a factory image. There are...
Return from Android N Developer Preview

How to Un-enroll & Return from Android N Developer Preview

The latest developer preview of the upcoming Android version is meant highly for the developers or testers. If you're wishing that it could just be used as a daily companion with no bugs, you might have the...
Install Android N Developer Preview

How to Install Android N Developer Preview

We have already seen the glimpse of the latest upcoming Android N, as a developer preview. Now if you have one of the supported devices, you can easily install Android N Developer Preview. Either by the OTA...

Restore OnePlus One to Stock Firmware

Do not want to use a custom ROM, or want to take your phone to the service centre for repair services? We will help you restore OnePlus One to stock firmware. The OnePlus One comes with Cyanogen OS...
Restore Moto G to Stock Firmware

Restore Stock Firmware on Moto G

Have you accidentally messed up your phone, removed the OS, don't feel right on custom ROMs, or want to turn in your Moto G smartphone for servicing? Here today at DroidOrigin, we will assist you on, how...
Flash Factory Image on Nexus

How to Flash Factory Image on Nexus Devices

Google has its own simplified way to install stock firmware on Nexus smartphone/tablets. These stock firmware files are available in the form of factory images, officially available through the Google Developers website. We are thankful to Google for keeping...

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Encrypt Android Devices

How to encrypt Android Smartphones and Tablets

Data encryption is gaining a lot of popularity among the users, and is also being largely focused-on, by the Android phone/tablet manufacturers. It is essential, and...

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