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WhatsApp Desktop App

WhatsApp Desktop App is now official for Windows and Mac

WhatsApp Desktop App is the web client brought to your PC, as a standalone app. You might be using the WhatsApp web client for some time now. It is basically a browser extension that replicates your WhatsApp messages by pushing...
WhatsApp Update

Two new features to accompany the next WhatsApp update!

We use ample of apps on our Android devices, and they continue to offer productive updates and changes, that aim at making the user-end experience better. So today, we are here to talk about exciting two features that...
WhatsApp Messenger Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp Messenger Tips And Tricks, That You Should Know Of

A list of 10 WhatsApp Messenger tips and tricks, that will surely make things easier. We all are well aware of the infamous WhatsApp messenger, moreover it has replaced SMS pretty well and somewhere we are quite addicted...
WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Will End Support For Several Platforms Soon

And we are back here, with your favourite messaging app - “WhatsApp”. What is happening today? We are here to inform you that WhatsApp is going to end support for several platforms at the end of this year. How people used...
Whatsapp or Google Hangouts

WhatsApp or Google Hangouts, Which fits in better?

As you got an idea that we are here to discuss the most familiar and in use topic Messaging, let us do some of the talking here first, before turning towards the topic of deliberation! So, from where should we...

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