Manually Update Galaxy S6 Edge+ to Marshmallow 6.0.1

Update Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung recently pushed Marshamllow to the Galaxy Note 5. And now it has turned its face to a different device. We are going to help you update Galaxy S6 Edge+ to Marshmallow, by manually flashing the firmware.

Galaxy S6 Edge+ OTA Screenshot
// Screenshot credits: SamMobile

The first wave of the update has hit the S6 Edge+ Korean variant. And is slowly arriving for the other models too. The update is labelled as build G928SKSU2BPAG for the Korean model, which has reached several users as a 1GB+ OTA. Note, that the build label may be different for your device mode.

Currently, only the following models have received the update:

We will update the list when a new model is supported.

Of course, this is going to be a complete overhaul, accompanied by Doze, improved app permissions, updated Samsung Browser, and the visual changes.

The OTA update may take sometime, may be even days to reach your S6 Edge+. But why wait when you can make a fresh install by manually flashing the firmware. No matter what build version you are running, or have a rooted phone, this method works for all and shall also take your phone back to the factory state.



Update Galaxy S6 Edge+ to Marshamllow


This procedure and its files are only meant for the S6 Edge+. Do not cross flash the files or you will end up bricking your phone. DroidOrigin shall not be held liable for any damage. However, we will try and help you get out of any such situation.


Before You Begin

  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers on your PC.
  • The update process will wipe everything off your device. So make sure to take a complete backup of your phone’s storage, and other necessary things like messages, contacts, apps, etc.
  • Charge your S6 Edge+ to at least 60% battery level.
  • Search for your model and download Marshmallow firmware: SamMobile
  • Download Odin Flasher v3.10.7 and extract it: Dev-Host


STEP 1: Boot your S6 Edge+ into Download mode. To do so, first power off your device completely. Now, press and hold Volume Down, Home, and Power keys until you see the phone’s display light-up. A warning screen will show up, press the Volume Up key to confirm and boot the phone into Download mode.

When the phone has entered Download mode, connect it to the PC using USB cable.

STEP 2: Extracted the downloaded firmware file. For example, in my case it is ““. Open the location where you previously extracted the Odin tool, and run Odin v3.10.7.exe.

The Odin Flasher tool will now open.

STEP 3: The Odin application should show the corresponding ID:COM port, when the device has been detected successfully. In the Odin window, under Options, make sure F.Reset Time and Auto Reboot have been selected. Every other option should be unchecked.

STEP 4: Now that everything is set, click on the AP button. Browse to the folder where the firmware files were extracted, and select the AP tar.md5 file. Next, do the same for CP, CSC, and BL. When all the files have been selected, click on Start.

// Odin window should look something like this.

The flashing process will take a few minutes and when its complete, a PASS message will be displayed and your S6 Edge+ will reboot itself. You can disconnect your phone and close the Odin window now.

That’s it! You have just updated your S6 Edge+ manually to Android Marshmallow. Go ahead, enjoy the latest Android software and features on your phone. Tell us about your experience, through the comments. If you have issues during the installation, you can ask us directly.

Now that you have installed Android Marshmallow on Galaxy S6 Edge+, you might want to root it – Install TWRP and Root Galaxy S6 Edge+ on Marshmallow

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  • Hamza

    can i flash this available firmware for g928c on any unlocked g928 c ?
    i want to update mine i m from Pakistan , so can i flash iraq’s firmware?

    • Dhananjay Bhardwaj

      Yes, you can flash. But make sure not to flash anything else than the firmware, which is the AP file. Avoid CSC, CP, and BL.

  • Islam

    Some People say you can’t flash Asian firmware on UK or US model. If you do will it brick your phone?

    • Dhananjay Bhardwaj

      You will only brick if you flash bootloaders or radio. Flashing just the firmware tar.md5 won’t harm at all. The only thing you may lack, is your region specific apps (if any).

      • George Vagenrider

        will work on F?

        • Yes, it could work on other variants. Just don’t flash CSC, CP, or BL. Only AP file would do it. If it works, do let us know.

          Also don’t forget to take a complete backup, and Nandroid, if possible. So just in case it does’t work, you can restore back.

          • George Vagenrider

            ok,but the ap file (from sammobile) contains already inside it the bl/cp csc…so you mean open it and delete bl/cp csc?

          • Yes, that’s the package with all the files. You can simply not use those three files, or delete them if you want.

          • George Vagenrider

            hmmmm,the only option is download/open/delete bl,cp,csc/flash…ok,downloading now and will let you know if works or no 😉

          • I think you are confusing yourself that the package need to be flashed. Its just a container for all files. You need to extract the corresponding AP tar.md5 from the downloaded zip.And then flash that tar.md5 using Odin.

            Good luck, hope you get it now 🙂

          • George Vagenrider

            mate this is the files on md5…what must delete?

          • Okay, so you don’t need to delete anything right now. Just flash that file 😉
            Good luck

          • George Vagenrider

            mate…the file contains modem and you say will brick the device :/

          • Just flash it, don’t worry.

          • George Vagenrider

            Failed :((( so it won’t work on F

          • Umm,,, Is your phone locked to a carrier? In that case, you will need to wait for the update (Which I think will be arriving soon). If its a unlocked variant, you could try 6.0.1 update from other models here:

            Search for different Edge+ variants and find the nearest one to your model/region.

          • Also, I have added the list of current models that have received the update. You can check above in the article.

  • Rodrigo Ferreira

    Can I flash it on a 928g? Thanks!

    • Try not to. Wait for the update. If you’re too eager, you can try flashing the HOME tar.md5, If it fails (most probably will), restore back to 5.1.1.

      I personally recommend you to wait. When the firmware is up, I will update this article. Keep an eye till then.

      • Rodrigo Ferreira

        Thanks! I’ll try to wait then 🙁