Xperia Z3 Android N Developer Preview now out!

Xperia Z3 Android N Developer Preview

For over a month now, the upcoming version of Android has been a topic of immense gossip. Google, in its own smart way laid out the first preview for the supported Nexus devices, along with a precise timeline for the future releases, leading to the final version. As per AndroidCentral, Google indicated that the N Preview was soon coming to non-Nexus devices. The statement has indeed been proved right, now when Sony has announced that Xperia Z3 Android N Developer Preview is official.

How to Install Android N Developer Preview on Nexus devices

The first preview bought some hefty features, including Multi-window support, bundled notifications, revamped settings with a new menu, improved Doze support, and much more. Later this month, the second release of the developer preview came into existence, about a week ago. Of course, Preview 2 improved performance, fixed a few bugs and added some new features like Vulkan, Launcher shortcuts, new emojis, and some fine improvements.

Xperia Z3 Android N Developer Preview

Xperia Z3 Android N Developer Preview

Sony indeed chose the Z3, for its popularity and stable nature. But we are still not sure why Z5 wasn’t counted at the top of their list. Anyways, this is good, and of course completely unexpected. Sony doesn’t want its users to feel left out in regret, rather it wants them to cherish the taste of this upcoming version, and its new features.

So what exactly would this bring to your Z3?

  • Multi-window support: The latest feature lets you run and operate two different app windows side-by-side, very smoothly. So you no more have to switch apps manually, you can watch a YouTube video and work at your office documents, pretty straight from the very same screen. You can also resize the respective app windows, for better viewing experience.
  • Bundled notifications: Another major improvement in N, is the redesigned notifications panel and quick settings. The appearance of notifications on Android N is stacked in a better manner, to make them appear more appealing and extremely handy-at-operation. You can now edit the tiles to rearrange them, or add/remove the current ones.
  • More power and better battery: Android N brings performance improvements, along with better Doze adaptability. The boot time has been reduced significantly, compared to the previous Android version. So now, you get more power and battery, plus the smooth experience.

You can have a look at the detailed features by clicking the link below.

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Install now!

The Developer Preview could be installed on the following two Z3 models: D6603 and D6653.

Unlike the Nexus devices, Xperia Z3 users doesn’t have to opt-in for Android Beta Program. The installation on the Z3 is followed through Xperia™ Companion software, which is only operational on Windows OS. In order to install Android N Developer Preview on your Xperia Z3, you will need to install Xperia™ Companion v1.1.24 or later. Not to mention, but make sure that you have backed up your device completely. The process below is likely to format your complete device, including the apps and storage.

  1. Now, connect your Z3 to the PC via USB cable. The Xperia™ Companion software will start-up automatically.
  2. Hold down the ALT key on the keyboard, and click on Software repair within the Companion window.
  3. Disconnect the device and power it down completely.
  4. Now while holding down the Volume Down key, connect the phone back to the PC.
  5. As soon as you connect, the software flashing will begin to install the preview.

We dearly hope that you will enjoy Android N Developer Preview on your Xperia Z3. Tell us more about your experience, through the comments.

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If you face any issues, you are requested to submit them to N Developer Preview issue tracker.