Firefox Focus Private Browser

Firefox Focus – What is it and How to Install it on Android

Today we are not talking about the regular Mozilla Firefox browser, but a more sophisticated browsing mechanism dedicated towards the user's privacy. It is known as "Firefox Focus" and was first announced during November 2016 for the iOS....

Netflix on Android is being blocked for rooted users

So the other day, I was performing my regular drill - reflashing and updating a custom ROM on my OnePlus One. Post flashing, while I was reinstalling my favorite apps from the Play Store, I was in...
How to Save Instagram Photos on Android and PC

How to Save Instagram Photos on Android and PC

While Instagram doesn't allow it officially, there are certain ways to save Instagram photos on your Android device and they are mentioned below. Instagram has been in our lives for 6 years now and the number of people...

How to Backup Android Device Completely (Root & No-root)

Are you thinking of flashing a custom ROM, or may be just a mod? But before you head towards any of it, you might want to flip through this article that will show you how to backup...
The Banana Phone - Indiegogo Fundraiser Project

There is a Banana Phone! That actually looks like a Banana

Today, we are deviating ourselves slightly from the regular and will discuss about the title a bit more. Yes it sounds like a crazy thing in this serious world, but it's fun! There's more use to a...
Download Android Apps Outside Play Store

How to Download Android Apps Outside Play Store

The primary source to most of our third-party apps is the Play Store, and these apps tend to seek various sorts of permissions on the device. But are you absolutely convinced that these permissions are only being used for the correct...
2 ways to show WiFi password on Android

Here are 2 Ways to Show WiFi Password on Android

We connect to WiFi as soon as we get the chance, be it at school, a friend's place, coffee shop, diners, because we love staying connected. Like most of you, even I have this habit of forgetting passwords, even...
AMOLED Wallpapers - Featured Image

Download the Best AMOLED Wallpapers for your Android with AMOLED mnml

Wallpapers are not only the most fundamental way to customize your Android, but also the most effective ones. If you have been lately searching for some AMOLED-friendly wallpapers, then your search would probably end here. We have...
Root Samsung Galaxy S8+

Install TWRP, Disable Encryption, and Root Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ (Exynos)

Some good news for the folks! You can now root Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. Well yes, it clearly hasn't been much time since the release, but just as more people started getting their hands on the device, it was...

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