Android N Developer Preview 2 Features – What’s New?

N Developer Preview 2

It was over a month back, when Google dropped the N Preview goodness on the web, which definitely surprised me. The first Developer Preview for the upcoming Android version brought in some significant changes and new features to the support Nexus devices and Pixel C. The majority of these new features included bundled notifications, revamped settings, and much more. You can have a detailed overview of the new features by clicking the link below. Last week, Google finalized and pushed the next stage of the N preview. And today, we are here to make you aware of the all-new Android N Developer Preview 2 features.

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The Android N program overview timeline showed us how exactly the preview will roll-over in the future. For the month of April, the release was labelled to enter the Beta stage, with enormous bug fixes and new features. While Google has already listed the three major additions to this release, but we have been able to keep a track of almost all new minor changes and improvements in the Preview, that may not be visible to the naked eyes of a regular user.

We have been running the latest Developer Preview (Build: NPC91K) for over a few days. And we are finally here to let our readers know, of what’s new in it! Let us hop to the list now.


1. Vulkan – The new age 3D graphics API
2. Launcher Shortcuts
3. New ‘Calculator’ tile in Quick Setting Toggles
4. New emojis: More human-like and better, than ever
5. Now Quick Reply from lockscreen
6. New folder icon style and different wallpapers for homescreen and lockscreen
7. New icon when Recent Apps list is empty and ‘CLEAR ALL’ button

If you have not yet installed the preview, don’t wait, just go for it: How to Install Android N Developer Preview