Android N Developer Preview Is Here!

Android N Developer Preview

The new version of Android has been in-talks since a while now, but Google did take the initiative and has just released Android N Developer Preview, without a prior hint. Yes, we knew that it was in works, but this early? You must be feeling lucky.

Android N Developer Preview

With Android N Developer Preview, Google has come up with a new Beta Program. The foundation behind this idea, is to build a user-friendly environment for the Android users, so that they could contribute to the latest release, in the best way possible. The best part? Google has timelined the release of Android N into different phases, until it officially reaches out to the public, during Q3, this year. So you will now be able to track down everything.

Release Timeline, as planned by Google.

As per the schedule, there will be a total of 5 previews, starting off in March (Right now!), which will be released during this period, until the final release.

The first three previews would be granted to a development phase, where user/developer feedback and registered issues would be taken into consideration. And with the last two previews, you would be able to taste the final APIs and SDK.

With the new Android Beta Program, users of the N Developer Preview, would directly receive the upcoming previews through Over-The-Air updates. But of course, you will first need to enroll in the Android Beta Program, and wait for further instructions. In case, you would like to make a fresh install every time, or when necessary, you can directly download the device system images from here.

Now, that we know what Google has in its mind, let us be a little more informative about the new additions in upcoming Android N.


What’s new in Android N Developer Preview?

With Android Marshmallow, the Doze technology was brought into existence. Android N brings in more improvements to the Doze feature. It applies a subset of CPU and network limitations when the device is off-charge, and its screen is turned off, and it is in a non-stationary state, at the first level. On the second level, Doze makes appropriate changes and defers processes, now while the device is kept stationary.

Android is now taking a huge leap by shifting towards OpenJDK 8 setup. Vision settings in the setup wizard are going to be a good part of this, where you would be able to adjust Magnification Gestures, Display Size, Font Size, and Talkback. These settings however, will have different impacts on varying apps, until the final set of API is released.

Above, we just mentioned a term, that was yet unknown – Display Size. You would be happy to know that you can now easily shrink or magnify the screen elements. This may somehow resemble the Screen DPI modifications, that is present in the custom ROMs.

A list of few permissions have been revised, related to the accounts and external storage. Apart from this, the background applications and services have been optimized, to boost the phone’s performance, and reduce the battery consumption.

A good news! Multi-window is finally out of the development phase, and officially comes with Android N Developer Preview. Yay!!

View the in-detail changes at Android Developer’s website. You can now opt for the Android Beta Program, or install Android N Developer Preview manually.

Now wait, until we get our hands-on with the preview, and come up with all the live changes. Until then, do let us know how you feel about this new update? What do you think ‘Android N‘ stands for?

  • Philip Chico

    when will be the next preview version for Android-N? timeline?

    is this the latest NPC56W?

    • Yes, the latest as of now is NPC56W. Google is probably gonna roll-out on 1 month cycle basis. The upcoming preview is near in April itself.