Android Nougat 7.0 final release is here! [UPDATE: Nexus 6P Factory Images]

Android Nougat 7.0 Final Release

Android Nougat has finally arrived, so be ready to enjoy the sweet taste of Google’s latest update!

UPDATE: After 2 weeks of delay, Google has finally pushed Nexus 6P factory images to the Google Developers website.

The N preview series has finally come to an end, and moved towards the final stage of roll-out. It seems almost yesterday when the first preview was made available for the supported devices. And now, 5 previews later, after loads of new additions and bug fixes, the final version of the latest Google update is ready to roll.

Android Nougat OTA notification

Android 7.0 brings several interesting new features including multi-window support, improved notifications and quick settings, better doze operations, and much more. Well, we didn’t expect any major additions to the final version, coming from the developer preview. But what was there earlier, has been thoroughly improved to give you the best experience.

Of course, only supported devices including Nexus, Pixel C, and Android One are eligible for the update. No doubt you will soon see other devices getting the final update, including the Xperia Z3. The final build is labelled as “NRD90M”.

What’s inside?

Below are the major features that Nougat will offer over its predecessor versions. There isn’t anything new (That we know of yet), but the significant changes and additions that have happened over from Preview 1 to 5.

Multi-window support

Multi-tasking on Android has taken itself to a new level, which is tend to give a huge boost to user-experience. With Android 7.0, you can operate two tasks/apps simultaneously, right on the screen, running side-by-side. So for example, now if you’re watching a documentary, you can make notes on Google Keep, running on the other side of the screen, leaving your current activity undisturbed. To know more about Multi-window and how it operates, read this.

Revamped Notifications & Quick Settings

Notifications and toggles have seen significant improvements over the years and with Nougat, they are now better than ever. The notifications are now bundled in stacks and are more interactive. So now if you have several notifications from a single app or activity, they will be stacked altogether for easy access and of course will cover up less space, saving the mess.

Quick Settings tiles can be easily added or removed directly from the panel, without the need of enabling System UI Tuner. If you scroll down the notification shade, you shall see a smaller quick settings panel that offers five different toggles for quicker access. Scroll down once more or tap on the arrow, and you shall see the full quick settings panel.

Revamped Settings, Vulkan API, Larger Recents, and much more

Settings menu has been reorganized a bit, offering suggested actions on the top that are considered essential or advised. There is new slide-out navigation menu that will allow you to navigate through the complete settings by just giving a few taps.

With N, Vulkan API is ready to replace the previous 3D graphics API (OpenGL) that has accompanied us since a long time. Vulkan is more efficient and lowers the CPU usage by providing low-overhead GPU controls when drawing heavy applications.

The card-style Recents now offer a bit larger and closer to edge design making them more accessible. For convenience, a “CLEAR ALL” button is present on the top, that will ease out the process of clearing the recents, all in one go. Other changes include Data Saver, System-level call blocking, Calculator tile, Quick reply options, and a huge lot of new emojis to express yourself (hehe!).

Install Android Nougat now!

The roll-out has already started over-the-air and shall reach you very soon. The update will be available even if you have not opted for the Android Beta Program. Make sure that you have everything stock. If you have root, TWRP, or any other system modifications, the update will disrupt in between. So before you proceed with the update process, make sure that you have cross checked everything.

Android Nougat OTA download

The quickest way to get Android 7.0 on your supported device is through the over-the-air update. To check for updates, go to Settings > About phone > System updates. For any reason, if the update notification has not arrived, kindly have patience and you shall get it soon.

The next most convenient method is by flashing the system image (factory image) or OTA image. You can grab the latest Android Nougat 7.0 factory image from the official page. For OTA images, visit this page. You can check out our tutorials on how to install an OTA or factory image.

We are pretty excited to run the latest Android version and enjoy the innovative new features on our devices, how about you? Let us know about your experience on the final release of Android Nougat.