There is a Banana Phone! That actually looks like a Banana

The Banana Phone - Indiegogo Fundraiser Project

Today, we are deviating ourselves slightly from the regular and will discuss about the title a bit more. Yes it sounds like a crazy thing in this serious world, but it’s fun! There’s more use to a Banana than you know of (Haha!). Just kidding! But seriously, we have come around a Banana phone that could be a master of disguise in your fruit basket.

An year or two ago, we were excited to see the new curved display technology, which was finally released as the LG G Flex. But to this date, I am still not sure how that would have helped us. And today we get to look at another curved thing – The Banana phone, that may not be the most innovative thing out there, but definitely a fun one!
The Banana Phone - #BananaAdvertising

Don’t get your hopes up yet. It is NOT AN ACTUAL PHONE, but a bluetooth communicator that you can connect to your Android device, just like a Bluetooth headset. Rather than a need, you could consider it as a novelty, just for fun.

Wait! It’s not useless

The Banana Phone is a fundraiser project over Indiegogo that’s built to do some good for the animals, and to be specific – the endangered Mountain Gorillas. The people who built this phone have partnered with Gearing Up For Gorillas, which is a UK-based charity that is dedicated to conservation of mountain Gorillas in Virunga National Park, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

You can read more about G4G at their website and get a glimpse of what they actually do.

We strive to inspire people to TALK more, SMILE more, and SAVE endangered Mountain Gorillas through conservation. 1% of all sales goes directly to our partner, Gearing Up 4 Gorillas, to help rescue one of our closest relatives in the animal kingdom – Banana Phone, Indiegogo

The Indiegogo campaign is currently open and will be carried-on for one more month, until the designated amount could be raised. You can get the Banana Phone for as low as $40, which also includes the shipping cost. So for every purchase you make, 1% of the its value will be directed to G4G. The charity amount will be used for equipments and funding the rangers who protect the Gorillas.

Once the campaign is over, all the orders will be set into production in July and will be shipped to you in September 2017.

Why are they doing it, and why should we?

The first thought that would pop your mind is that it could be a scam. But you can look at the G4G website, where the organization has stated their official partnership and also the established projects that they have carried out. The amount of people (200 supporters have already raised ~ $14,000) currently supporting the project also says a lot of things.

Gearing Up 4 Gorilla Organization
(C) Jan Ramer

The idea behind the team – Max, Charlie, and Brian is to get past “us” and do something for “our closest relatives in the animal kingdom”. It’s about FUN, SMILES, and GORILLAS! I am sold on this and if you’re in too, then scroll down and buy yourself a Banana Phone.

Here’s what you get and how you can get it!

As mentioned earlier, it is a Bluetooth communicator that can connect with your iOS and Android smartphone. There are three buttons – Volume Up, Volume Down, and Home. In order to receive a call, you can simply press the Home button and put the phone on your ear to spread some smiles. Placing a call, is carried out by voice commands through Siri and Google Assistant.

The Banana Phone - Features

It can provide you a talktime of upto 10 Hours with a Lithium rechargeable battery. The phone’s body is made of 100% recycled ABS plastic, which makes it eco-friendly.

You can back up the project and avail the phone by going to the Indigogo campaign page. Let’s spread some smile and show some love! Kindly share this with your friends and let them help the Gorillas too. 🙂

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