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This week we are starting off with a new section – “App Of The Week“, where we are going to list one app every week that could be useful to our users. The app will be chosen based on our usage experience. So today, we have the first one to be added to the queue and it is “BlockIT“, which is a simple call blocking app that has proved to be very effective for us.

We all get tired of receiving unwanted calls like those from telemarketers, banks, carriers, etc. And also, you could forget your enemies, or the guys that stalk you. The only thing they do take away is our precious time. But now you can get rid of any such callers by blocking them. While several OEM softwares offer the call blocking feature, but users are still not satisfied due to lack of some selective features or even the efficiency of this very function. So they simply move on to 3rd-party apps from the Play Store that work better and proves very helpful.

I have been using Android for over 5 years now and I could positively recall the need of call blocking functionality. At the time, there were only two or three apps that were available on the “Android Market“. But that hour has passed long ago and now we could see about tens of call blocking apps claiming to be the best. However, I never wanted a perfect and best app, I always looked forward to something that was light, efficient, and could get the job done without any hassle. The search ended when I found this certain app while browsing a Google Plus community. Enough of the story, let us dig in deep about the features that this app offers.

About The App

BlockIT is developed and maintained by BloopStudios. It is light and we mean it, just 12-13 MB on your device. The next thing that makes BlockIT deserving is the simple UI with the  easily accessible options. The app does not support SMS blocking as of yet, but we hope that this feature will be added soon. The current features are listed below.

App Of The Week - BlockIT

  • Block List: View the list of blocked numbers. Manually add new numbers to block list or import it from the call log/contacts, or unblock any numbers from the previous list.
  • History: View the history of blocked calls along with appropriate time-stamps.
  • Settings: There are three different blocking modes – Block calls from the block list, Block unsaved contacts, or Block all calls. You can also block unknown numbers and turn on notifications for blocked calls in advanced settings.

We love this app for its sole simplicity and efficiency. Though the experience would have been even better if the amount of ads were less. Anyways, that does’t hinder the usage of this app at all. As for the design of the app, we expect the developers to opt for the infamous material design in the future.

Download BlockIT

The app supports any device running Android 2.3 and up. Though the app is available for free on the Play Store, there is a PRO version too. The only difference between the two is the inclusion of ads in the FREE variant. Don’t forget to rate and review the app on the Play Store.

BlockIT - Call Blocker Free
BlockIT - Call Blocker Free
Developer: BloopStudios
Price: Free

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