Chrome Dev 59 introduces yet another New Tab Page

Chrome Dev 59 brings a New Tab Page design

Seems like Google is dodgy when it comes to sticking around a design, but then of course, testing new things is the part and parcel of active development. The change has been made to the New Tab page inside the Chrome Dev 59 update.

Chrome Dev is a separate release of Google Chrome, that brings in-development features to the browser and works upon the feedback of users (And a lot of other aspects) to make the final decision. We have previously seen major changes in this specific area with Chrome 54 and then with v56. I believe Google is doing it again for testing, before the final implementation.

New tab page in Chrome Stable & Chrome Dev 59
Left: Chrome Stable | Right: Chrome Dev 59

As you can observe, the big Google doodle has been removed. And the “G” icon has been added to the search bar. The content of the new tab page is now moved upwards, which makes the recommendations and bookmarks more accessible and productive.

Enable the all-new “New Tab Page” on Chrome Dev 59

The feature is specific to release version 59.0.3050.4 of the Chrome Dev application. If you haven’t downloaded it already, click on the app box below. Or you can also grab the APK and install it manually.

Chrome Dev
Chrome Dev
Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

While the new design should automatically load for you. But in case it doesn’t, then you need to enable it from inside “flags”; which is the list of hidden experimental feature that you can enable/disable at any time.

Enabling the new tab page on Chrome Dev 59

Just open the browser and enter “chrome://flags” in the address bar. Use the “Find in page” feature and look up for “#ntp-google-g-in-omnibox” and enable it. You will then be prompted to relaunch the browser,  so do that and enjoy the latest New Tab Page design.

Now, the introduction of a new feature doesn’t always mean that it is meant to stay. Google previously tested “Chrome Home” during last year, and now with this update, there is another design that we are seeing. Since both are experimental features, we can’t be sure which one (if any) would make its way to the stable Chrome 59 release.

Chrome New Tab Page vs Chrome Home
Left: New Tab Page in Chrome 59 | Right: Chrome Home introduced earlier

Which one are you tilted towards; Chrome Home or the new design that is offered in the Chrome Dev 59 update? Drop a comment below and let us know.