Gmailify your Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook Accounts now!


Google recently pushed an update to its Gmail for Android app, which bought the latest Gmailify features for non-Gmail accounts. This will change the way other accounts operate, and they will finally act the same way as your Google account does.

Gmail for Android is different, because it is much more organized and well-protected. The same way, your other accounts like that of Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook could now be “Gmailified”. Gmailify will link your non-Gmail accounts to Gmail, in such a way that it will render the same feel as that of your native Gmail, without even the need to transfer your account.


What you will get after your Gmailify?

At first, you will need to download the latest Gmail v5.11 from the Play Store, or you can just grab the APK directly from APKMirror.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free


Gmail is famous because it offers a better email experience, with enhanced spam protection, organized Inbox and instant push-notifications. So if you have a heavy inbox with tens and hundreds of emails daily, you should definitely turn your account using this feature.


  1. To do so, go to your app drawer and open Gmail.
  2. Open Settings and tap on Add account.
  3. Select Personal (IMAP/POP).
  4. Add your details and finish the setup.
  5. Now to go Gmail > Settings, again.
  6. Select your desired account and press Link account option. The setup wizard will then help you link your non-Gmail account to your own Gmail account.
  7. Now your chosen account is Gmailified and linked, to work properly.

At any time, if you feel like removing Gmailify you can directly unlink it from the Gmail settings.


How do you feel about the togetherness that Google has brought for you? Let us know via the comments. I have already added my personal Yahoo and official Outlook accounts, and Gmailified them for a unique experience. Why don’t you go ahead and do the same.