Google Chrome Tips and Tricks: 10 things to maximize your browsing experience

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks - 10 Things to maximize browsing experience

When a new update is pushed for Google’s own browsing application, the changelog mostly consists of features that is not fully understandable by newbies or in-experienced users (Like me, back then). At times, I felt if someone would explain them to me and show me how I can use them. And since I don’t want others to feel it that way, I am here publishing a list of Google Chrome Tips and Tricks comprising of 10 things that would enhance your browsing experience.

Google Chrome brags almost half of the world’s smartphones as their default browser, specially when it comes to Android. Over time, the browser has introduced a large list of features that would make your browsing experience exquisite. But think, do you even make use of them yet? For almost two years of using Chrome, I wasn’t even familiar with most of its features and how could they benefit me. It took days of in-depth research and exploration before I could make use of all the amazing features that the browser offers.

Without anymore delay, lets begin with the 10 Google Chrome Tips and Tricks.

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks: 10 Things to Maximize your Browsing Experience

1. Copy, Paste, and Share Web Address

The most basic, yet very widely used function is Android’s in-house copy/paste functionality. And it works best with Google Chrome to help you copy the URL of your favourite webpages and share them with your friends.

Google Chrome TIps and Tricks - Share Web Addresses

Just long-press the cursor on the Chrome address bar and a list of options will pop-up. You can either cut/copy the URL, or select SHARE to directly share the URL with your frequent contacts and apps.

2. Disable Tab Merging & Switch tabs faster

With Android 5.0 Lollipop, Google Chrome tabs were merged with apps in the multitasking screen. So for every tab you open, it will display along with other recent apps. This, instead of making things easy, probably made a mess, would you agree? And that’s why it was deferred from further updates.

While the feature is enabled by-default, it is still optional and can be disabled pretty easily. Just go to Chrome Settings > Merge tabs and apps and switch them off.

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks - Switch Tabs

Switching between tabs on Chrome is even easier. You can either swipe across the address bar back and forth, to quickly access opened apps. Indeed it is much faster than manually switch using the tab overview option. Or, if you have got a handful of tabs opened simultaneously, then simply swipe down from the address bar and you can access the tab overview. Quickly choose your tab and on you go.

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