Google Contacts 1.6 brings new Suggestions screen & more


Google Contacts 1.6 has been pushed to the Play Store and it does enclose a major addition that shall delight you.

The Google Phone app has been worked on for a while now, features have been added, and it has definitely worked out for better. We have seen it taking a overhaul with 7.0 Nougat and now with 7.1.1 too. But its closest companion, the Contacts app, has never seen the light of this new dawn.

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The first thing that you shall notice is the new icon. It has a new shade of blue (darker than previous), but the same graphic that we have seen in the Contacts app from the Pixel system dump.

Suggestions screen on Google Contacts 1.6

With this new 1.6 update, the Google Contacts app welcomes an all-new “Suggestions” screen to the hamburger menu, replacing the old “Duplicates”. This screen will show you suggestions to add a frequently contacted number, based on your call log analysis. It shall also scan your contact list for any duplicate entries and suggest you to merge them in one-tap. Not just these, if you have contacts in your SIM card, you will get a suggestion to import them.

Google Contacts 1.6 - Separate Import and Export Settings

The app now allows you to perform several actions like “Set ringtone” and “Route to voicemail” directly from the over-flow menu. The Import and Export functionality have been split into individual options, in app settings.

Other notable feature is the pull-to-refresh ability. This may come in handy to users who might be running on a slow network, and would be able to force a refresh in such situations.

Download Google Contacts 1.6

You can download or update to v1.6 directly from the Play Store, just click the app box below. Or, if the new update hasn’t rolled out to your country/Play Store, you can simply download the APK for manual installation.

Developer: Google Inc.
Price: Free

We like it when Google pays attention to small things that it has normally neglected over the past, do you? Let us know by dropping a comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends, who might find this update worthy.

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    • It is a backend problem through our website. It will be fixed shortly.