Top 5 easy ways to reduce data usage on Android devices


Android is a high consuming platform, both when it comes to data and memory. But, Android users can easily slow down this consumption using several steps. Today, we are going to take data usage into consideration, and help you reduce data usage on Android devices.

Carrier-based data services are extremely costly these days, and not everyone could afford that much (you can take me as an example), and data consumption without a data plan is definitely a real pain. Alternatively, we can always use broadband or WiFi services to reduce the amount of data utilisation, significantly.

This saving could be done easily by following a few, yet very effective steps. It doesn’t matter what Android smartphone or tablet, or Android version you are operating on. Let us start by following the tips.

Top 5 ways to reduce data usage on Android

Restrict background data

This is the first step you should carry on your Android is restrict any data being used in the background. Background data is the top in the hit-list, and major cause to high data-usage. This is that data, that is being used when applications, games, or system services tend to consume your data even when you are not using them. This includes email sync, widgets, feed-updating apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc.


You might even form a misconception that the data will forever not sync in background – no, this will only disable the usage of carrier-based data. However, WiFi usage will still be operating. Now, there are two ways to restrict background data. First, either by disabling it completely, or disabling background data for individual apps.

To disable it completely, go to Settings > Data usage. Tap on the 3-dot overflow menu button on the top-right and select Restrict background data. For individual apps, go to Settings > Apps, tap on the desired app and go to Data usage. Now enable Restrict background data.

Also, observe high-data demanding apps

Sometimes, its not your phone, but a third-party app that is a culprit. If you would not like to disable overall data, you can identify the apps that consumes most out of the lot, and remove them. If for some reason, the app is a requirement, you can easily restrict its background data using the steps stated in the above section.

Simply, go to Settings > Data usage. Scroll down and carefully observe the data consumption carried out by each app.