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Guest article | Written by: Amanda Jordan

It is a hot topic these days in the business world; a growing number of businesses are using the latest software technology to track the activities of their employees. This includes screening their emails, call logs, and geographic locations at different times. Why are they doing this? What do they achieve from this? How does the Motorola spy software or others like it help businesses grow? Rumour has it that monitoring employees using the latest mobile tracking apps is helping companies boost productivity and efficiency. Here’s everything you need to know:

What Employers are Monitoring?

When you work at a company, the bosses have every right to monitor everything you do on their PC. They can track your browser history, emails, messengers you’ve used while at work, and even log your keystrokes to check on your productivity. They can even see every private data you type on your Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account. In the past, employers have used the data they gather to evaluate employees. Now with mobile technology advanced largely, bosses have adapted the use of monitoring apps to track their employees via cell phones.

By issuing a work cell phone, employers can see everything you do from a web-based control panel. According to the PCMag.com research, the American Management association stated that it found 66% of the total companies in the United States are monitoring their employees’ internet usage. In addition, 43% are tracking emails sent and received by their employees and 45% log keystrokes. Moreover, office workers are not the only people companies are monitoring.

The article on Economictimes.indiatimes.com states that workers in the Amazon warehouses literally have to carry tablets with them to record the speed at which they work. This helps managers to track efficiency as the workers retrieve merchandise and forward it for shipment. Similarly, hospitals have also taken measures to monitor the nurses through the badges they wear. It tracks how often they wash their hands to maintain best practices.

How are Employers Tracking Employees?

Employers are installing monitoring apps that work on all Android and iOS devices like tablets, iPhones, iPods, and smartphones. There are numerous apps, like Xnspy Motorola spy software which works on any Android or iOS device. Such apps provide constant updates about different activities on a target device. For instance, whenever a target employee leaves the office at an unauthorized time and goes out of the work area, the app sends an alert to the manager. This is call geofencing, which is a technique that allows the user to watchlist a defined area. Whenever the target device enters or leaves this area, the app notifies the user.

Likewise, such apps allow managers to see all incoming and outgoing call logs, emails, and photos and videos via different messengers. With xnspy.com and similar tools, users can record all incoming and outgoing calls and ambient surroundings as well.

How Using a Motorola Spy Software Boosts Efficiency

According to the post on The Week, a study in 2013 involving a five-chain restaurant found that the eateries were using the point-of-sale surveillance system to monitor employees. The study revealed that there was a drop by 22% in theft and the revenues increased by 7%. Similarly, in 2009, UPS (United Parcel Service) used tracking devices in its delivery trucks. This helped it track workers who were sneaking breaks. The company grew within 4 years and was able to work with 1,000 fewer workers to deliver 1.4million additional parcels across the country.

This proves that when workers know they are under monitoring, they work better and efficiently. If a company issues Motorola cell phones to monitor its mobile workforce, a single app can tell how efficient every worker is. This sort of information will be invaluable and helpful for the growth of the company.

What Else Can Companies Monitor

Companies can also monitor how much time employees spend on games installed on their cell phone. They can see the list of apps installed remotely and block them if the need arises. The key to the success of a workforce is spending more time working than on other side activities. They can also track the browsing history to know how much internet usage each employee has.

Conclusively, there is no doubt that using a tracking software is every business owners’ or managers’ best bet. With substantial data analysis on a cell phone and internet usage, they can boost productivity, cut unnecessary costs, lay off workers who are a liability to the company and increase efficiency. Change is usually slow, but taking steps earlier can speed up the company’s success rate.

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