Official Reddit App Arrives on Google Play Store

Official Reddit App

The Official Reddit app for Android has finally made its way to the Google Play Store, enhancing the way users interact with the Reddit website on their Android smartphones and tablet. The announcement for the official introduction of Reddit mobile apps was made over at the reddit itself by ggAlex, whose is designated as the VP of the Consumer Product.

Reddit has been a great source for information, links, and content related to several different sections including entertainment, social media, operating systems, and news. Users from all over the world could contribute to Reddit, by sharing links and information. It’s highly unlikely that you do would not know about a website that has approximately 542 million users monthly. (Psssss… little secret? It is also the source of many articles here at

The mobile apps have just landed on their early period, and you could expect a few bugs. Please bare with them, it’s just a little start. The developers have guaranteed that they will soon be pushing updates to the app, fixing the existing bugs and adding more features to give a boost to the app-user’s experience.

Screenshots of Official Reddit App

The current app version is 1.0.4. It offers some pretty sleek features like Night mode where users can choose to opt of light or dark theme. You can view the reddits in two different modes including compact and grid view. Also, easily view your history, saved reddits, posts, comments, upvotes and a few other things. Another useful feature within the app is to view and manage inbox messages, comments, post replies, and mod mails.

If you have multiple accounts on Reddit, you can easily add them and switch between them without any hassle.

Download Official Reddit App Now

Reddit: Top Trending Content
Reddit: Top Trending Content
Developer: reddit Inc.
Price: Free

The app, for now is only available in U.S., Canada, UK and Australia. We are sure that it is going to roll out to other regions too, with future updates. In case your region/country is not supported yet, you can grab the APK directly from APKMirror.

The community members are requested to post their experience, through the comments at Reddit itself. You can also make feature requests, and the developers might just look into it and implement them. Kindly report the bugs here, the developers will personally look into them and provide a fix with an update.

Let us know how this official Reddit App has affected your experience, through the comments.

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