Samsung Internet Beta is now available on Play Store [Android 5.0 or above]

Samsung Internet Beta

Samsung Internet Beta has arrived on the Play Store for download

Samsung devices are well known for the pre-installed apps and features, like the TouchWiz in the earlier days, which we all have once tried to install. It’s proprietary apps are full of features and there is indeed one for every single need.

We all browse internet on our Androids and so do we keep switching browsers, just to get our hands on the one that offers everything that a desktop browser would. While Chrome is our all time favourite, but the next in our list now, is Samsung’s own internet browser.

Download Samsung Internet Beta

Recently Samsung made a smart move and pushed its optimised and feature-packed Internet browser to the Play Store as a Beta. The app could be downloaded directly from the Play Store if you have a Google Nexus/Pixel device.

If your device isn’t support but runs Android 5.0 Lollipop or above, you can download the APK directly from APKMirror and install it manually.

Samsung Internet Beta is way to have early access to the new features that the browser has to offer. It incorporates features that are not even present in the stable version. In our experience, the Samsung browser adds a few more layers to your privacy and security while browsing the internet.

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Samsung Internet Beta on Nexus 6P and Galaxy S7 EdgeFeatures That It Offers

  • DuckDuckGo: Although the name may sound funny, but DuckDuckGo is a privacy-concentrated search engine. It has been added as an option to be used as the default search engine to find all you need, and with the extra privacy.
  • Content Blocker: A feature that will allow you to use 3rd-party content blockers to run within the browser. These content blockers will assure that you see only what you want, and will block any unwanted content like ads that may risk your privacy.
  • Better Web Payments: The integrated Payment Requests API will allow you to carry out payments online with Samsung Pay, with just a few taps.
  • CloseBy: Whenever you are near a physical web beacon, the website title and description will be shown via notification.
  • Progressive web apps support: Apps that you could install and use within the browser window itself. If a webpage you visit supports this feature, a badge will appear in the address bar.
  • Amazon Shopping Assistant: When enabled, your online shopping products will be compared with the same available from Amazon, to get you the best deals possible.
  • Video Assistant: Video functions are specific to video player/streaming apps. But Samsung Internet Beta allows you to easily switch video modes and also enables you to pop out a video and view it while browsing the internet.
  • 360 video support: Enable immersive mode while playing video even without a VR headset.
  • QR reader: Integrated QR reader allows you to scan QR quickly and view the content directly in your Samsung browser.

Those are some really cool features, that we always expect from a browser. So go ahead, and use it more. Tell us if Samsung Internet Beta is ready to replace your native browser (Which one is it?), through the comments.

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