Suhide Mod Lets You to Hide Root from Apps

suhide mod lets you hide root

No need to mess around Xposed to hide root and use Android Pay, suhide mod for SuperSU will let you hide root from such apps.

Chainfire is a renowned personality in the Android world who needs no introduction at all. Besides his famous root app – SuperSU, the developer has his hands over several other apps and utilities like FlashFire, StickMount, CF.lumen, DSLR controller and many more that have made your life easy.

And now comes a clever mod from him that will definitely prove its usability to a huge lot of Android power users. The mod is know as ‘suhide‘ and it is sort of an add-on to the SuperSU app. Basically, this mod will prevent apps to detect root and let them work in their usual way.

A variety of apps including those of banking and security are non-functional if your device is rooted, like Android Pay. And this has been a huge problem for Android users who use custom ROMs or rooted stock firmware. The most obvious way to overcome this, is by completely disabling root or even using a workaround like Xposed modules. With suhide mod, things will now be simpler. The mod hides root (su binary) on per-app basis and bypasses SafetyNet protocol.

Before you head on to the installation, be informed that suhide is extremely experimental and officially unsupported. So do not complaint if it does not work up to your expectations.

Install suhide mod

Suhide follows a simple yet precise set of installation instructions. But before you proceed with the process, there are a few requirements.

» Prerequisites

You will require to have SuperSU v2.76 or newer. SuperSU must be installed in systemless mode. System-mode root is not supported. Unfortunately, suhide will only work on devices with Android 6.0 or newer. The last requirement is the LATEST TWRP with /data partition access.

» Instructions

After you have fulfilled the prerequisites, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Download SuperSU (v2.76 or above) and suhide flash-able zip (See the attachments).
  2. Transfer both the files to your device’s storage.
  3. Reboot your Android into TWRP recovery.
  4. Flash suhide (
  5. DO NOT REBOOT yet!
  6. Flash SuperSU zip through the recovery too.

Please note that flashing SuperSU post suhide is highly necessary, or else your device will enter a bootloop. If you may choose to uninstall, flash the, followed by SuperSU. Again, if you do not flash SuperSU, your device will enter a bootloop.

Now, a bit of sad news, or truth as we may call it:

The concept of suhide has been quoted as “a loosing game“. Why? Well Google is the boss and it wouldn’t let anything compromise their assured device security. So, it may be working now, but be aware that it may stop working in future (even tomorrow). Of course, there will be another possible loop hole and a new detection method in the future. But that certainly will also fixed. It is a never-ending cat and mouse game that will require a lot of effort and timely updates to work. We can only hope that someone can put in that for us. Read more about it here.

We definitely like the idea behind this mod and hopefully you do too. Let us know about your views through the comments below.

  • Seb

    Bootloop for me (S7 edge nougat 7.0 stock)
    Maybe have I to uninstall supersu and/or supersu pro first?
    Can I use another recovery custom than TWRP?

    • Suhide will work on an SuperSU version on or above 2.76. And yes you can use any other custom recovery too, but TWRP is highly recommended.

      I have an advise for you, instead of using Suhide, I think Magisk Hide would do better for you. It is a feature that is a part of Magisk itself. Read –

      • Seb

        ok I will try thanks

      • Seb

        Hi! Thanks for your advise. Magiks well installed (v12) and well rooted (superSU 2.79) but safetynet profile failed. I didn’t find any solution. So sad it looks so great! Do you have another advise please 😉

        • I think Magisk Hide will help you, just visit the Magisk XDA thread and read more about how it works. For better, you can also discuss the same on the XDA thread and see if someone with the same problem has a solution. If you still don’t get the answer, let me know. 🙂

          • Seb

            Hi. Sadly neither Magisk nor modified NfcNci.apk worked. I downgrade to marschmallow.

          • That’s sad. I recently read somewhere, Chainfire (SuperSU maker) talking about the S7 and root problems. I am not sure if it is related, but you can take a look at it on the XDA forums.