How to Install TWRP and Root HTC One A9

Root HTC One A9

If you’re willing to go custom on your One A9, you will first need a head start with TWRP. Now that TeamWin is officially supporting the device, we will help you install TWRP and root HTC One A9. Post that, you can use it to flash ROMs, image (.img files), Backup and Restore, Mount and Wipe partitions, etc.

Huge thanks to the TeamWin, and Captain_Throwback for supporting HTC One A9.

HTC’s latest flagship killer – The One A9, is a high end-range Android smartphone, with a power-packed hardware and latest Sense software. The phone was announced during September, 2015, the same time when Android Marshmallow was released. It supports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 Octa-core chipset, with a 5.0-inches full-HD AMOLED display. The camera on the A9 is 13 MP, with Optical-Image-Stabilization technology, and dual-LED flash. The phone also has a fingerprint sensor, to work best with Android Pay, on Android Marshmallow. Overall, the device is worth the money, and beats several high-end smartphones currently available in the market.

The 16 GB variant of the A9 supports 2 GB of RAM, while the 32 GB supports 3 GB. So, you will not only be spending your bucks for upgrading the storage, but also an extra 1 GB RAM. The phone is also believed to support Qualcomm Quick Charge™ 3.0 module in the future, as claimed by HTC.

Without further delay, let us get to the procedure.


Installing TWRP, unlocking bootloader, and rooting HTC One A9, may break your official support., or any of its member shall not be held liable for any damage to your device.


Before You Begin

Install TWRP Recovery

The first step would be to install TWRP using fastboot, and using the later to flash Chainfire’s SuperSU, to achieve root.

  1. Open the folder where the TWRP image file has been downloaded. While in this folder, press SHIFT key, and right-click on a space inside it. Select ‘Open command window here’, from the menu that appears. A new command-prompt/CMD window will open up.
  2. Boot your HTC One A9 into fastboot mode — Press the power button and power off your device. Once all the lights are out, and the device has shut down completely, press and hold the Volume Down, and Power keys for about 5-6 seconds, until you see the fastboot screen.Or, you can also use the following ADB command, making sure that USB debugging is enabled on your A9.
    adb reboot bootloader
  3. Now that your device is in fastboot mode, connect it to the PC using an appropriate USB cable.
  4. Enter the command below, to confirm that the device has been connected properly, and being detected by fastboot.
    fastboot devices

    The command should return a device ID. In case it doesn’t make sure that you are using a good quality cable. You can also try switching it to a different port on your PC.

  5. Finally, flash TWRP on your A9 using the following command:
     fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.1.0-0-hiae.img
  6. When the recovery has been flashed, type in the command below to reboot your phone back to OS.
    fastboot reboot


Root HTC One A9

Next, you will root HTC One A9, by flashing SuperSU through TWRP recovery. In order to do that, you will first need to disable forced-encryption and decrypt your device.

  1. Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable.
  2. Open a command prompt/CMD window on your PC, and enter the command below to reboot into TWRP recovery.
    adb reboot recovery
  3. Once your A9 enters TWRP, go to Wipe. Now, tap on Format Data, and enter ‘yes’ in the provided field. This will wipe of your complete storage, so make sure that you have a backup.
    Format Data on TWRP
  4. When the wiping is done, go back to the main-screen and tap on Mount > Enable MTP.
  5. Now, transfer the download SuperSU file to your phone’s storage.
  6. Disconnect your A9 from the PC, and go to Install from the TWRP main-screen. Browse your device’s storage, and select “”.
  7. Swipe the ‘Swipe to confirm Flash’ button on the bottom of the screen.
  8. When the flashing process is complete, you can tap on Reboot System to finally reboot your HTC One A9 into rooted firmware.

Use Root Check app from the Play Store to confirm that your phone has been rooted successfully.

Root Check
Root Check
Developer: JRummy Apps
Price: Free+

That’s it! You have just successfully installed TWRP and rooted your One A9. Go ahead, and install custom ROMs/Kernels, or mods like Xposed Framework, its on your call.

If you have issues during or post this process, let us know through the comments.

  • Eric Schott

    where can I find the file and what does it do???

    • I can assume it’s a modified boot image (kernel) with Verity Check (dm-verity) disabled. What it will do is, it will disable forced-encryption. Make sure that you make use of the that zip, only if it is meant for your device.

  • Art Vandaley

    I flashed twrp 3.02 and screen is black when adb reboot recovery! have to power and vol up to restart

    • I believe you have unlocked the bootloader? Also, do you have your storage encrypted?

      • Art Vandaley

        I got it figured out, not sure what happened but im twrp, rooted and s-off, but now what? there doesnt seem to be any custom roms available?

        • Glad that it’s solved now. About the custom ROMs, I don’t think there is any, available yet. You can wait, until someone comes up with one.

          You can try using Xposed module, if it works yet on the One A9. I can see that CM13 is already available for A9 (GSM Intl.) and A9 (GSM US) variants. Check:

          • Art Vandaley

            Thanks dude! Good write up!

          • We are glad that you liked our work. Hope to see you around, more often. 🙂

  • Luke Lowa

    hi please help me out here i am a noob for this stuff. I followed the steps but cannot boot into recovery, the phone glitches out now and reboots please someone help

  • lord mysticalpickle

    Is it possible for you to help me. I have finished the guide and now have a problem with connection. The phone cannot find my SIM card and wifi is not working.

    • Hello. Did you try a network reset under Settings > Backup and reset?

  • Aaron Godwin

    i can not enter recovery mode and i have an unlocked bootloader and everything. i tried going into command prompt and doing it and i tried doing it with the bootloader itself and it just starts up the phone like normal. at the main bootloader im seeing a message at the bottom saying that a file named is missing from the external sd and i cant find anything on it so i dont know if that i important. if someone could help me out soon that would be appreciated. i have all the files necisary for the command prompt to access my phone (duh) and have been sitting here for hours trying to figure it out. the computer is reading that my phone is here and so is the command prompt

    • Aaron Godwin

      i have since figured out that the problem is that i need to disable the encryption on my a9 and i am currently having a hard time figuring out how, if anyone knows please share and easy way

      • Aaron Godwin

        i will say before anyone asks. i have tried going into my phone storage and just disabling it but the option is greyed out and not letting me change it

        • Hello Aaron. The option is greyed out because your storage is encrypted and Google doesn’t allow you to decrypt it within the OS. Follow all the steps under “Root HTC One A9” section of this tutorial. Those steps will allow you to first decrypt by formatting the /data partition via TWRP and then help you root using SuperSU.

          • Aaron Godwin

            the problem is that i cant do that, recovery is not working for some reason when i goto put it in it and it also doesnt work by using the fastboot reboot recovery command, also tried doing a reset from the phone settings to fix it. it just boots the phone up like normal to my normal screen wth normal apps that ive had.

          • You have to update the ADB and fastboot tools on your PC. Kindly do it. Once that is done, reboot your PC. The “adb reboot recovery” command will work then.

            Just for your knowledge, there’s no such command as “fastboot reboot recovery” 🙂 This will keep you out of any future confusions, I guess.

          • Aaron Godwin


            i updated to the version supplied by the 15 second automatic installer and replaced them in my folder, i also then ran the command and it told me the adb drivers were outdated this time. the date modified on my previous ones were 2016 and these ones are 2015 meaning i had the ones i needed before so im reverting to the previous. any other suggestions or if you know of a more updated version of adb drivers that are easier to install then the 2 gigs then a link could be appreciated very much 🙂

          • It is definitely the issue of outdated platform tools. What I need you to do is, remove all ADB/Fastboot installations from your PC. Then reboot your PC and download the tools from here:

            These should fix the issue. I am using the same ones and they are working flawlessly. Just tested recently to confirm.

          • Aaron Godwin

            I have used the exact one you provided on the link after getting rid of the previous ones and restarting the pc and i have this happening again

          • Aaron Godwin

            so i looked into that link and thank you for all your help so far but i only have one android sdk installed and im using the folder from the link you sent me to run my commands right now so i dont see how any of their solutions could help me and also they were speaking of programs and plugins to chrome and such that i have none of

          • Okay. You want to use ADB to reboot your A9 into recovery mode so that you can disable decryption right?

            Do one thing, power off your device completely, and then follow the instructions in this video:

            Start from 48 seconds. You don’t need to do anything before that. The video shows how to manually enter recovery mode. While his phone is booting into stock recovery, yours will boot into TWRP because you have it installed.

          • Aaron Godwin

            I have alreasy previously tried to reset the phone through the bootloader over 10 times and it always just starts the phone normaly. the problem is that the phone doesnt know how to get into recovery some how and i cant force send it their and i dont know how to recover “recover mode” its kind of gone and i dont even get the red triangle screen, just starts up as if im turning on the phone

          • Could you please show me a picture of the mode that you get when you try the buttons combination?

          • Aaron Godwin

            i had to take the pictures with a terrible cam and stuff so i had to crop it together in multiple parts but its all right there

          • Now in the right side picture is the bootloader mode. What happens when you select “BOOT TO RECOVERY MODE” using the power button?

          • Aaron Godwin

            its boots up the phone like i turned it on. im doing it right and it just brings me to the password decrypting screen. the one when you turn on your phone and i put it in and it then brings me to my home page just like normal. their is no way for me to reset my phone or to recover it currently and i need to fix that so that i can move on to the rest and eventually have the end result of a rooted phone. hardest rooting process i have ever gone through XD

          • Wait. Just to confirm, when you enter the “adb reboot recovery” command, in which mode (Fastboot, Download, or OS) is your A9 connected to the PC?

          • Aaron Godwin

            i have tried both os and download and i assume fastboot will do the same

          • Try it in OS mode with USB debugging enabled? Does it show the same error? Have you also given a try to another computer?

          • Aaron Godwin

            computer does not seem to be the problem and usb debugging is always enabled for me. I have tried in os

          • Try re-flashing latest TWRP recovery using the first part of this guide. The latest is 3.1.0-0. And then attempt to boot into recovery through bootloader mode.

          • Aaron Godwin

            it is still doing the same exact thing after doing so and i used the new 3.1.1-0

          • That’s weird. It means that the recovery is not sticking to the partition. Are you sure that the flashing process goes alright or does it display an error?

            I found a person with the similar problem over at XDA –

            He used this image ( instead of the official ones and it worked for him, see if it helps you too.

          • Aaron Godwin

            ill try it as soon as my phone reaches a charge of 50%+ and no it does not show any errors. i hope that thismage works otherwise im probably sol

          • Sure. Do let me know of the result. 🙂 Good luck

          • Aaron Godwin

            sorry for the wait. i clicked the link and it says file missing so i cant download it.. bad link

          • Seems like the user removed the file. Did you give a try to TWRP 3.1.1-0 that was released a few days ago?

          • Aaron Godwin

            yes i previously said that i did try that

          • We are definitely missing something here. Okay, so can you start all over again? I mean from flashing the stock RUU, and then following this tutorial?

            I know it could be a pain, have been through it.

          • Aaron Godwin

            where can i get the stock one?

          • This thread has all the files and instructions needed for the job:

            Please make sure that you read every bit of the text and do not miss anything. 🙂 Good luck

          • Aaron Godwin

            i went through it and found the file i already have and it does not supply a zip only the .exe and my problem right now is that i open the .exe and it lets me do all the steps up until the license agreement. after i accept that and clock next it shows closes and doesnt do anything and i am working on fitting it time to use another computer to see if that helps

          • See if there’s an RUU available for a version greater than the one currently installed on your A9. Also, a different computer could be a good idea if you face such problems.

          • Aaron Godwin

            different computer worked great but the version im running is the greatest and there was an error when i used the other computer. ill try again tomorrow. Thanks for the help thus far

          • You’re welcome man! I will be here anytime you need me 🙂 Good luck and I hope you progress on this situation.

          • Aaron Godwin

            okay i found the stock one on the htc website and i tried using it and am experiencing issues with it too now. i will try to fix this part then ill try re doing the setup stuff

          • Aaron Godwin

            i feel bad for all the trouble but its an issue that i cant afford to fix professionally XD

          • Don’t feel that way. I have been through it once, and it gets so confusing but trust me it isn’t. Now if you could provide me a picture of the download mode.

            Here’s what you will have to do to get into it:
            1) Power off your A9 completely.
            2) Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons altogether. Just as the phone vibrates, release the power button and keep holding the Volume down key.
            3) That’s when you will see the download mode. Tell me if you see if, and share a picture of it if possible.

            And don’t worry, you will get through it 🙂

          • Aaron Godwin

            posted a screenshot of the command prompt part

          • Aaron Godwin
  • sha sal

    Hallo Dhanajay,
    I have this HTC one with Marshmallow that I’m trying to root. Does it have have to be S-OFF to follow your rooting guide. The only way for this is to purchase the Sunshine apk for $25 which I don’t want to spend. Also please update the links for the downloads. Please let me know how I can go about this s-off thing and root my phone. Thank You

    • No, S-ON is just fine to begin with. Now since you already have it, you can hit the complete guide.

      P.S. Apologies for the extremely late reply. I was far away from accessing my computer/laptop.