WallArt Android App – The Best Source For Wallpapers

Stick that wall on your Android!

WallArt Android App - Your Best Source for Wallpapers

I am not a theme-aholic, even though I do have the CM Theme Engine on my phone, which has a lot of available themes, but I still haven’t used it in years. On a different page, I do like to switch wallpapers very often, which is not as much of a trouble and still lets you render a good setup for your Android homescreen. The other day, I came around this fantastic app, that offers the best kind of wallpapers for your Android smartphones and tablets – WallArt Android App.

Greetings! Welcome to Wallart
Greetings! Welcome to Wallart


WallArt Android App

It’s not just your average wallpaper app, I like it for more than a few reasons. The first one, it offers the kind of wallpapers that I adore the most – minimal and colourful, since they do not force you to compromise with the icons on the screen, they come out good. The wallpapers are well-designed and custom made by a known themer and icon-designer – Binod Ray (The guy who also designed DroidOrigin’s logo).

Why WallArt?

WallArt is a wallpaper app with 370+ Wallpapers as of now and growing. It’s not like any other Wall Apps out there on Store, it contains hand made wallpapers to go well with your icon packs. – Binod Ray

Over to the app, it is light and easy-to-use, and is also not overloaded like others on the Play Store. Wallart offers a material design to match with the latest Android Material guidelines, that suits the best on Android Lollipop and Marshmallow. The app is itself theme-able, you can choose custom colour modes for the app, to match it with your device’s overall theme.


To be precise, there a total of nine different categories of wallpapers, namely:

  • Illustration – ‘Rockets, ships, cars, music, landscapes, sunsets, everything is here
  • Splash – ‘Throw in some vivid colours
  • Girlie – ‘The best ones for the girls
  • Winter – ‘Well, I am a winter person!
  • Texture – ‘A variety of different texture
  • Icon Packs – ‘Wallpapers from some famous icon packs out there
  • Quotes – ‘Quote your moods or lifestyle
  • Requested – ‘The users are the masters
  • PolyGon – ‘Polygons, polygons, everywhere!
The App lets you tweak its own theme colours!
The App lets you tweak its own theme colours!

Do you like a wallpaper from the app’s showcase? Forget the trouble of tapping multiple times, just hit the wallpaper once and instantly set it as your homescreen wall. You can crop and edit a wallpaper for your device’s screen size, which is a cool feature to include. Also, get notified when new wallpapers are added (You will require to have Pushbullet installed), just go to the app, and tap on the ‘bell‘ icon on the top.

WallArt Android App has gained a decent amount of popularity on the Play Store, and people are loving it.

WallArt has been shown a lot of love on the Play Store.
WallArt has been shown a lot of love on the Play Store.

Don’t wait now, WallArt is available at a inexpensive price of INR 60.00 only, tap on the app-box below and buy it right now. Don’t forget to support the developer by rating the app.

Developer: Binod Ray
Price: Free

If you want to contribute to WallArt, you can showcase your own wallpaper right there. Just contact Binod 🙂

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