WhatsApp Messenger Tips And Tricks – Top Tips to Make the Most Out of it

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A list of WhatsApp Messenger tips and tricks, that will surely make things easier.

We all are well aware of the infamous WhatsApp messenger, moreover it has replaced SMS pretty well and somewhere we are quite addicted to it (Yes, I accept it too).

But do you know your best messaging app, that well? And, I came around a friend of mine, the other day. Well of course, he is a WhatsApp believer and has been using it since two years now. So, he recieved a message, and was saving a copy of it to his notes, and I was like “What the hell! Has he really been using WhatsApp?”. He could have simply starred the messages, for reading later, well within the app itself.

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You might be using WhatsApp for a long time, but lot of us are not well aware of all the things it can do. So, here we are, tipping you guys with some WhatsApp Messenger tips and tricks, that you should know of.

WhatsApp Messenger Tips and Tricks

1. Create Homescreen Shortcuts For Favourite Chats

You may be chatting with a number of contacts, but that may also include a few people, who are special, may be your lover, your best friend, or an office colleague. I personally don’t prefer to go to the app drawer, open the app, and access a specific chat, every single time. WhatsApp makes it easy to directly open the chat of your favourite contacts. All you need to do is pull up a shortcut on your Android’s homescreen.

Add Chat Shortcut on WhatsApp

How? Just go ahead and create a shortcut of the chat on your phone’s homescreen. Easy as a pie, just open WhatsApp, scroll for the chat that you want to put the shortcut out for. Now, long-press the chat, and select Add chat shortcut’. Move back to your homescreen, and you shall see the chat shortcut added, just tap on it to open the desired chat for your favourite person.

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2. Lock WhatsApp

You might just hand over your phone to a friend or family member, but are you sure that they won’t just go on spying on your personal chats? If this is your situation, or you just want to prevent your WhatsApp chats to be accessed by anyone, you can lock WhatsApp using a password.

Lock WhatsApp using App Lock

WhatsApp doesn’t offer native locking, but you can make use of third-party apps to achieve this task. I personally prefer AppLock, which I myself have been using since an year now. It works pretty effectively. You can use password, PIN, or patterns to unlock WhatsApp. App lock will automatically lock your app when you exit it. The app is very easy to set-up and use. Download AppLock from the box below and go on locking WhatsApp for better security.

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